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Treating Patients from a Car

When doctors reach the age that they want to retire, they often still want to do something in medicine. Sultan Alhokair posted a heartwarming recap on of the story of one man wanted to help others who didn’t have insurance or who might not be able to get to the doctor on a regular basis. He was helping these people by keeping medical equipment in his car. The state of Mississipi doesn’t want him to work from his car, and they want the 88-year-old to stop immediately. It shouldn’t matter where the doctor is working from, and if he is able to drive safely, then it might be a benefit for those who don’t have transportation to get to a doctor’s office. He would be able to get to the homes of people who are sick but don’t feel that it’s necessary to go to a doctor. Preventative medicine can be given to those who want to stay healthy but don’t want to sit in a doctor’s office.

Police Officer Comforts Child While Working


Police officers are often seen as harsh and mean, and they can appear that way to children even more than to adults. Even adults like Fersen Lambranho admit to being afraid of police at times. That’s why it is special, the time that one officer took to prove himself otherwise to a little girl in a dramatic situation. This officer came into a home dressed in SWAT gear. He came in as part of a SWAT team. But, he took the time to make sure a little girl in the home wasn’t scared of him and his partners.  The whole exchange was recorded, and now everyone can see a different side to at least one officer of the law. This police officer may have done more than calm down a little girl in a scary situation, he may have brought a bit of good publicity to cops everywhere.

Sam Tabar and THINX: A Philanthropic Investment

THINX has now received the backing of a very influential investor. Sam Tabar, a very well known attorney, has decided to put some money into THINX and make it part of his portfolio.

The company makes very special women’s undergarments designed to help reduce the impact menstruation and incontinence have on daily life activities. The undergarments are primarily made available to women living in Africa and America.

Tabar notes that a woman who purchases these undergarments does not have to miss work due to being unable to access or afford sanitary pads. The undergarments are completely re-washable and are designed with a unique sense of fashion style.

Tabar has a great deal of experience in law and investments. A practicing attorney, Tabar also worked hedge funds and maintains a solid insight into what investments are worth pursuing. He has noted their is a philanthropic approach with this particular investment.

Those who wish to read more about Sam Tabar and his decision to support THINX should click on the link to check out the press release.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Contributions to Plastic Surgery


My friend recently had to have reconstructive surgery and her surgeon was such a God send. Every other specialist said that she would be disfigured for life even with aggressive restructuring, but not Dr. Rohrich.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a world-renown plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 1979 and completed his residency at University of Michigan Hospitals & Health Center’s general surgery in 1982. His subsequent fellowships took Dr. Rohrich to top-rated plastic surgery centers across the United States.

Along with Dr. Rohrich’s contributions to reconstructive and plastic surgery that are noted on his Wikipedia page, he is also the editor-in-chief of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’s official medical journal and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

His decades-spanning career has resulted in Dr. Rohrich’s status as one of the world’s most knowledgeable surgeons when it comes to the aging process and facial aesthetics. A prolific author, his textbooks have focused on rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction, breast reconstruction, ultrasound-guided liposuction, and face lift techniques.

This is why his research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center includes topics such as cosmetic surgery safety outcomes, how nutritional supplements can hasten the time of wound healing, how the aging process will affect cosmetic surgery, and how laser treatments will impact the future of plastic surgery. In fact, one of Dr. Rohrich’s specialties is laser resurfacing therapy (along with chemical peels). He’s served as a traveling professor to more than 150 societies across the globe.

His status as a professor reflects Dr. Rohrich’s leadership abilities. He is the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium’s sole chairman and has sat on the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s ethics committee, executive committee, and oral exam committee.

Dr. Rohrich believes that all cosmetic procedures – from in-office Botox injections to rhinoplasty – must be tailored to each individual. Since every face is unique, every procedure should be unique as well.

Chinese Father and Son Reunited After 24 years

Sun Bin’s parents have spent the last 24 years wondering about their son. Was he okay? Is he happy, healthy, still alive? That’s because in 1991 4 year old Sun Bin was abducted from a vegetable market in his home town of Sichuan province. His parents had no idea that he was taken and sold to a family thousands of miles way in the Jiangsu province. According to the story on it is common that young boys are abducted and sold in China since boys are prized and can be sold for more money.

Sun Bin and his father were reunited at a Chengdu police station earlier this week after a DNA test proved to be a match. Unfortunately Sun Bin’s mother passed away in 2011 but she never forgot him. The elder Sun said she died saying his name and wished for him to be found.

How heartbreaking. Losing your child for so long, not knowing what happened. It is a shame that Sun Bin’s mother did not live to see her son return. I cannot imagine what other parents in China must feel like losing their children to traffickers. Rod Rohrich is happy to see this family reunite, he mentions this in this article on

Who exactly is Mark Ahn?

Mark Ahn is a popular name in the biotech industry. His contributions as a leader in the industry are remarkable. He has been a leader in many capacities including contributing articles to the community and developing organizations that lead to grow and mold leaders of the future. Many of his appearances and affiliations are with some of the best syndications and magazines in the industry. If you’re wondering who Mark Ahn is, you’re in for a surprise. 

Mark Ahn as the Leader

Mark Ahn has many accomplishments in his career. He served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Galena Biopharma. During his tenure, he accomplished many goals, and the company is thriving under his leadership. Prior to this, he served as the Chair for Science and Technology Management at the Victoria University at Wellington. 

As the Chief Executive Officer of Hana Biosciences, he also made great strides. All of this was possible through his training in Biotechnology. He was the author of over 50 peer-reviewed journals, articles, and books in addition to serving on public Board of Directors and those backed by capital. As the author of Building the Case for Biotechnology, he was able to educate the masses about the strides that are being made in the industry and why it’s necessary. 

Dr. Ahn was able to receive an MBA and a BA from Chaminade University and an MA from Victoria University. He was also able to obtain his Ph.D. from the University of South Australia. Dr. Ahn was a Henry Crown Fellow when he graduated from the Aspen Institute class of 2001.
Mark Ahn is one of the most popular leaders in the biotechnology industry.

The Way Forward for Laurene Powell Jobs

As a woman worth 11 billion dollars at the last estimate, it seems that Lauren Powell Jobs, the widow of famed Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is someone who can do almost exactly as she pleases in the world. What she has chosen to do, it seems, is to improve the world through activity in both the philanthropic sphere and in the world of politics. She has stepped out from obscurity to become an advocate for education reform, and she has shown no signs of slowing down yet.

For Jobs, her skill and aptitude for finance and what it could do seems to have started early. She grew up in New Jersey, and she went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. After that, she spent time as a fixed-income trading specialist, and after that, she went on to work for Merrill Lynch Asset Management.

Those skills have served her well as she ventured into the philanthropic world. One of her most successful ventures has been College Track, which is devoted to giving minority and lower-income students the boost they need to make the transition from high school to a college education. Her expertise has also helped her found the Emerson Collective, which seeks to form partnerships with people who are looking to forward education reform.

On top of that, Jobs has also taken a firm stance on politics, something that was routinely shunned by her late husband. She is the top donor for the super PAC Ready for Hillary, an organization dedicated to taking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all the way to the White House in 2016. Jobs has come out to speak about various policies of both parties, and this may indicate that she has an interest in running some year soon. She wears so many different hats, that I applaud Laurene for taking some time to herself on her yacht.

When it comes to Jobs’ trajectory, there is no end in sight, and when it comes to determining what role she will take on next, there are many possibilities. Thanks to her work in both the political and philanthropic arenas, she could be in a very good place to pursue either in a more dedicated way, providing not only funding but leadership. On the other hand, she may simply find that she wishes to continue as she is.

One Lucky Bear

Usually when people see a bear, the first reaction is not to get close it.

Luckily for one bear, a kindhearted do-gooder put any fear aside and saved its life. After being tranquilizer for roaming in a Florid community, the confused bear wandered into the water where it began to drown.

Needless to say, most people never would have thought of doing such a feat, but since this bear was clearly afraid and confused, to let it drown in the ocean would be criminal. This knight in shining armour put all his fear aside and helped one helpless animal live another day. Word of caution: if faced with such a situation, take note of any dangers before taking any action.

Though this story ended beautifully, a wild animal is still a wild animal, and if you’re ever faced with one in danger, try to assess the situation and contact the authorities before taking any physical action. Big thanks to Andrew Heiberger for sending this story our way.