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Woman Saves 100 Dogs From Meat Market

A 65-year-old Chinese retiree, Yang Xiaoyun, traveled 1,500 miles and spent $1000 to save 100 dogs from the Yulin City Dog Meat Festival Saturday says Susan Mcgalla on this website. The animal lover owns an animal shelter and did not want to see the dogs hurt in any way.

Every year many dogs and cats are traded during the festival and sold for meat, but this year 100 lucky pups will be making the trip back with Xiaoyun to her sanctuary. The festival continues on despite much public outcry. Public Festival Continues on Despite Demands for Its Closure

Xiaoyun has been rescuing animals since 1995 and has no plans to stop any time soon. She’s being hailed as a hero in both Yulin and in her hometown. She has plans to rescue many more dogs and cats and even wants to open a shelter near the festival grounds, so that she can save many more lives.