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Repton School Imparts More Than Knowledge on Pupils

Repton School is a leading co-educational independent school with pupils between the age of 13 and 18. It values its customers and therefore, its customer service involves a personal level interaction to help you to decide the right school for your child. Additionally, it cares for pupils like a parent would for their children. That is why they leverage advanced technologies such as AS Tracking to keep track of the mental health of pupils.

Repton School recognizes the importance of equipping pupils with high quality education. That is the reason why they always hire competent teaching staff to impart knowledge on pupils. The teaching fraternity is dedicated to educating the pupils using the all-round approach. They go beyond the set standards to help children nurture their skills in their specific areas of interest. Recently, some members of staff of the school were involved in exhibitions to advance the concept of nurturing students in their own specialist areas. The creative staff members exhibited work in various exhibitions.

You will also notice that Repton School is a 21st century institution that has embraced technology to help in learning. Technology has seen many learning technologies come up and therefore, proper use of technology will make children attain the best possible education. They will come out of school with an empowerment to change the society for the better.

Besides imparting knowledge, Repton School also excels in curricular activities. It recognizes the importance of nurturing talents beyond the classroom. It has a capable Boy’s Football Team that has garnered impressive results over time. To continue empowering students, a boy’s football senior league is scheduled to be held on 8th October 2019. The school is among the leading schools that have demonstrated excellence across multiple areas including games and classroom learning. It is an embodiment of all the things you look for in a school for your child. It takes care of all the needs of pupils beyond learning. Its boarding houses and other amenities are designed with an intention of giving the children the best atmosphere for learning ever. Additionally, the students take meals in those houses to maintain order and create the best atmosphere for children.

Aaron Lupuloff: Innovating Georgia’s Education System

The amount of illiterate individuals in the world has gone down almost a whopping seventy percent in the past two hundred years. The United States have felt this the most and have been moving slowly away from traditional methods such as standardized testing. Many believe that this move was long called for and that this may just be the push needed to improve teaching methods.

According to, standardized testing have discouraged students from educational ventures, as the tests do not care to spark creativity or foster growth. There have been bouts of dissatisfaction from students whom have taken these tests and this has caused more schools to take the step toward providing supplemental programs. Children are unique and learn in different ways and thus, it is essential to teach in the ways that these students learn best at. However, the financial cost for creating these programs are an issue.

Aaron Lupuloff has been a major asset in accomplishing these goals for the schools in Georgia who opt to create these programs. With a long history of working for the educational system, Aaron has qualifications which make him able to provide valuable input towards financing these schools. He is a more recent member of the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation, a foundation which has many goals in mind.

GCPS Foundation aims to provide the basis and funding for the development of advanced education and supplemental learning programs within the local schools. The foundation is comprised of various individuals, all from different fields and with different qualifications. Aaron Lupuloff is known in the community both for his volunteer work supporting GCPS and his position within GCPS as Senior Executive Director. With support from both the parents and graduated students, the members of the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation hope to continue innovating Georgia’s system. To see more about Lupuloff visit

Dick DeVos Is A Gifted Businessman Who Has Used His Talents To Improve The City Of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dick DeVos grew up in a household of businessmen and entrepreneurs and eventually became one himself. His father, Richard DeVos, was the co-founder of Amway, and Dick ended up serving as the CEO of the company for almost a decade. He became interested in politics later in his life and ran to serve as governor of Michigan but lost to the incumbent.


Dick DeVos has always been talented, and he studied at Northwood University, where he would eventually receive his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He was also recognized with honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University. DeVos has been a proponent of educational choice over the years and has also helped to pass legislation in the state of Michigan that helped to offer educational opportunities to students.


Dick DeVos has called Grand Rapids, Michigan his home for a long time and has done a lot to make the city a better place to live. During the 1990s, he was a large part of efforts to shut down an attempt to construct an arena and convention center near the downtown region of the city. While it sounded like a good idea to many people, he knew from experience that it would have been a huge mistake. A similar idea had won approval in Detroit during the 1970s, and the city was left with a big bill once its sports teams, the Lions and Pistons, vacated the city.


Dick DeVos did not want to see the same thing happen in Grand Rapids, and he lobbied heavily against it. During these lobbying efforts, he helped to put together Grand Action, which is a group of business leaders who have since helped to improve the city. The way they have done this is by helping to get many of the city’s most well known buildings constructed. The city now has a separate convention center, performance hall, and arena thanks to Grand Action.


Dick DeVos has also helped Grand Rapids by putting together the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a public high school that operates on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The school is so popular today that it holds a public lottery every year to award students a place there. The school operates like a public school, which means tuition is free to students, but Dick DeVos has continued to support it to make it better through countless donations of millions of dollars.


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