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Sujit Choudhry’s “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition”

Earlier this year, May 9th specifically, Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition was published on Amazon. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is considered a vital academic read for those interested in the vast and varient workings of the Law, specifically. The reason for this being that the book contains a collection of essays, seventeen in total, that survey the range of challenges that territorial conflicts can pose for the constitution-making processes and constitutional design. How indepth does the book go? Well, the case studies cover countries going through intense constitutional engagement periods in a variety of contexts such as bi-communal countries, small distinct countries, and highly diverse countries. Examplses are often drawn from countries like Kenya, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, and many others. The collection prides itself on policy recommendations through a realist lens.

Where do Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson fit into this? Well, they stand as editors to the collection and had additonally released a companion policy paper with the goal of providing insight into the constitution-making process and offer advice. The two speak from experience, as Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions and has assisted in the constitution building for such countries as Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, Sri Lanka alongside other a variety of other countries. Anderson has experience as a former deputy minister for the Canadian government. Anderson is also the former CEO for the Forum of Federations. Currently he works at the Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University.

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Clayton Hutson is a Novelty in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is a rarity with owning a business in the music industry. He seeks to create unparalleled live music experiences with aesthetic perfection while working all day long, sunrise to sunset. Hutson studied theatre design in college and worked for companies providing solutions for live entertainment while he attended. He learned the skills he needed from positions such as Project Manager and Sound Engineer.

An inspiration for Hutson’s Company

Clayton Hutson worked in the music industry for years gaining experience in live entertainment and the production of tours prior to opening his own company. He used his individual employment to improve his skills so he could navigate the ins and outs of live entertainment successfully. Hutson decided to launch his own company for production management after the company he was working for suffered from the recession.

Typical Day for Clayton Hutson

Hutson has been running the show when recently doing stage management. He starts his day around 6:30 in the morning working for Kid Rock. Before anything, Hutson begins his day getting to the venue. There he goes over the schedule for the day, walking through, creating a plan for storage and starting the list of things to do for his crew.

He increases productivity by making sure everything that is done before the show is done with the effect it will have after the show. Hutson breaks down the steps to get the venue successfully organized during the show. He gives instructions so everyone knows what to do.

Making Ideas Reality

Clayton Huston envisions his ideas for the lighting, sound and set designs. He has a solid understanding of what will and will not work. Then, he uses his knowledge to create his visions. Hutson does a lot of CAD design. He has a practical nature that allows him to work out the problems with the designs. Using his experience, Hutson has to know the measurements of the venue exactly to ensure that all of the equipment fits. This way, he knows all of the necessary things can be fit into the space without causing the performers any trouble during the show.


OSI Group has been ranked among the biggest and strongest suppliers of meat products to the US foodservice operators since 1909. This can be attributed to the fact that red meat is a steady diet. The Group’s global operations supply meat products, pizza, and vegetable products alongside sauces and other foods.

OSI Group, with its manufacturing amenities all over the world, maintains its operations as a private company. It has over 50 facilities in 17 countries and is planning to begin its activities in China since it has the largest market worldwide. OSI revealed its plan to set up seven processing and production amenities globally. In September, OSI commenced construction work on a beef processing amenity in Poland. A modern feed mill of 600,000 metric tons was then opened in January in Shandong province and became one of the largest feed mills in China. Last March, a frozen foods processing plant set to be in Madanapalle, India was posted online. It’s meant to specialize in the processing of vegetable products for restaurants and retail.

Following its excellent management of environmental hazards, the British Safety Council conferred OSI Group a renowned Globe of Honour Award for 2016 celebrated at Draper’s Hall in London, November 25, 2016. To qualify for the Globe of Honour, an organization had to attain five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit plan between August 2015 and July 2016.

The Flagship Food Group based in Denver handed OSI Group based in Aurora Illinois, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is mandated to supply sous vide products, frozen poultry, and pies together with mayonnaise, sauces to the UK foodservice market. After acquiring Calder Foods, a supplier of sandwich fillings, sauces, marinades, mayonnaise and dips in UK, Flagship Europe enlarged its existence.

The OSI Group has a base in Chicago where they bought a food processing plant and storage warehouse that was under the management of Tyson Foods. Tyson’s Foods ran the Chicago plant until November 2015 when they revealed its closure together with a plant in Jefferson to increase efficiencies. The facility’s purpose is to give the infrastructure to boost the business growth. The identity of products to be produced remained unmentioned.

OSI Group ensures the safety of their customers by engaging equipment manufacturers who come up with processes that help in food safety and quality. It has also employed agriculture suppliers who ensure that products are properly grown. They work with their customers from the beginning and provide them with the ideas that they want to attempt.

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OSI Group and its expansion into new markets

The continued ease of doing business internationally by companies has enabled many businesses and multinational corporations to expand and explore new markets that they would have otherwise not ventured. One such company enter into a new market they always begin at the bottom by opening new shops to serve their new clients, or they buy existing businesses in that environment to better their advantage of penetrating such a market. The latter is always an advantage establishing a venture in a foreign market, and it enables the new business to pick up from where the existing business had reached. Doing so would guarantee a ready market regarding the previous customers and smooth operation from experience by the old employees with expertise.

A good example of a company that employs such a strategy when venturing into new markets is OSI Group Industries. The food manufacturing company has become a multinational firm through its good business ventures in new foreign markets for many years now. Its strategy of taking and assimilation other similar companies over the years has propelled its growth making a force to reckon with in the food and manufacturing industry.

Its role as a world leader in food manufacturing gets powered through its provision of high-grade quality food products and services to its customers and retail brands. The company’s growth and success for many years can be attributed to its President David McDonald. It is trough role at the helm of the company that enabled the company to venture and expands to great markets such as Europe and beyond.

The company’s expansion into the European market came with the acquisition of Flagship Europe. This purchase enabled to increase its presence and dominance in the vast European market and efficiently supply its products to its retail brands. The variety of foodstuffs that the company now provides in the new market range from pies, dips, frozen chicken, marinades, sauces and much more. For more info about us: click here.

The OSI Group was first started in the year 1909 in the United States of America and has been in operation for more than a century now as a food manufacturing company. Its growth and success have enabled the company to have its presence in nearly all the continents with a workforce that is over 20,000 strong. Sheldon Lavin is its Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson. The company’s success as a business giant is evident through its annual revenue that is $ 6.1 billion.

Glen Wakeman: The Force

By his own words, ‘curiosity’ is the catalyst that motivates Glen Wakeman most. Having lived in six different countries and worked in 32, he has become a worldwide leader in global affairs.

An entrepreneur, mentor, and writer, the CEO of Launchpad Holdings shares his insights with talented people. His company provides the structure needed for creative ideas to get off the ground.

He looks forward to new ideas and is excited taking them from fruition to completion and turning the initial thought into a reality. In his quest to help companies with their performance, he developed a widely-used method that measures performance. Steps include leadership development, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

Wakeman’s undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in economics and finance led him to a successful career, making a name for himself at GE Money and Nova Four before co-founding Launchpad Holdings. He’s a champion of small business and dedicated to helping companies improve performance. He is a blogger and frequently shares his insights and strategies with industry leaders, executives.

Launchpad came about to help individuals have an easier time developing their ideas. The software program was created for that reason. He also believes an excellent strategy is to keep the lines of communication open and expand business ties and associations.

Glen Wakeman advises that you should never take opportunities for granted. There is a lesson in every experience. He learned well while working his worst job – a summer gig cleaning bathrooms in an auto factory. It was a dirty, filthy job, but he needed the money for college. He learned “there is dignity in all types of labor.”

Glen Wakeman recommends that everyone, no matter what their path in life, should read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” In it are lessons and strategies for life and business.

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