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A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Exemplary Career And Education Background

Eric Pulier is one of the revered experts in the competitive technology and software industry. The entrepreneur’s journey is filled with numerous achievements ranging from founding companies to investing in different corporations. In addition, he has a sound educational background.

Pulier was a student at the Teaneck High School. While at the institution, the future executive leader founded his first company, a database corporation. The company focused on helping corporations to store their information safely. However, Pulier closed the company when he received invitation to join the prestigious Harvard University. He joined the institution in 1985 where he pursued his undergraduate degree in English Literature. In 1988, he graduated from the institution. While a student at Harvard, Eric Pulier wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson, the campus’ newspaper. His outstanding writing skills saw him serve as the editor of the newspaper to learn more: click here.

In 1991, the shrewd entrepreneur decided to return to the world of entrepreneurship. This way, he moved to Los Angeles where he founded the People doing Things. The company used technology to provide solutions to everyday challenges such as education, health, and farming. In 1994, he ventured into the world of technology by launching an interactive agency, the Digital Evolution. In 1998, the company merged with US interactive LLC for purposes of enhancing its dominance in the competitive industry.

Pulier is associated with over 15 companies, which he played a major role in founding, funding or co-founding. His contribution as a venture capitalist has resulted in success of many start-up companies. Some of these companies include SOA Software, Desktone, Media Platform, and US Media Interactive LLC. His outstanding business acumen has seen different companies enjoy millions of dollars in funding from investors across the US.

Eric Pulier is also a staunch supporter of philanthropic causes. The entrepreneur has contributed towards different community initiatives. Over the years, he has partnered with different charity organizations, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society to offer viable solutions through the use of technology. This organization focuses on teaching the public about multiple sclerosis. Other charity initiatives that have benefited from the Pulier’s support include Starbright World and Painted Turtle.