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Todd Lubar’s Exemplary Life

Todd Lubar is a powerful businessman, an entrepreneur, and an investor who over the years has worked his way up to be the current president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. Before being the president, Todd was the vice president of Legendary investments. Over the years, Todd has proven to be the best manager and a leader worth the praise.
Lubar started his school in 1977 at Sidwell School in Washington DC for his juniors then to Peddie School in Hightstown for his high school education. Later, he joined Syracuse University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. After Lubar’s degree was conferred in 1995, he kicked off his career as an adviser at Crestar Mortgage Corporation until 1999. He then joined Legacy Financial Group as a corporate loan manager until 2005 when he was offered an opportunity to be the senior vice president at Charter Funding.
Todd Lubar advanced in ranks through dedication and handwork. In the year 2007, the mortgage industry was facing turmoil and changes that saw Todd go back to his root career of purchasing money mortgage origination, as well as giving priority the financial services at hand. When in the business, Todd established many other businesses including a demolishing business, a nightclub, Real Estate Development Company, and recycling industry. He did this to invest in different portfolios that he believed in some years would give him good returns.
His handwork and commitment made him appear in the list of top 25 mortgage originators. He has gained vast experience in various industries making him a financial and mortgage guru who many people look up to for financial advice. Todd has initialized a philanthropic organization which will be assisting the poor and disabled in the community.
Todd Lubar is also a father of two siblings and a loving husband to one wife.He currently leads TDL Ventures as the president and hopes to rank it in the list of the best performing firms. Todd spares some of his time to talk to the future entrepreneurs sharing the knowledge and what it pertains to be an investor as well as a successful businessman.