Unicorn Paradise: Lime Crime Cosmetics

Unicorn Paradise is how you could describe the brand of Lime Crime cosmetics. Their cosmetics show absolute true creativity, color, and uniqueness in every single product developed. And, to add to their greatness, these cosmetics are developed 100% cruelty free. With the amazing selection available to all unicorn lovers, and don’t forget the one of a kind adorable packaging all products come in, these cosmetics do not disappoint.

Lime Crime has such a fantastic range of lipsticks to choose from. Regardless if you are looking for a flawless matte lip, or a stand out metallic lip for a night out on the town, they have a lip stick for you. And if you want something between the two, try the Perlees lipsticks, a perfect mix between matte and metallic. Also, their Matte Velvetines come in 45 different colors, no doubt that there will be a perfect matte color for you with a wide selection like that. If your looking for something a little extra, Diamond Crushers are lip toppers that are truly luminous, to really express your unicorn self.

The long lasting, color popping lipsticks are not the only thing to brag about. The eye shadow palettes are soft eye shadows that wear for hours with very minimum fading. Let’s not forget to mention that the eye shadows are full of insane color pigmentation, which let’s face it, is super important. Same as the eye shadows, beautifully constructed highlighters are available. Get your glow on with Hi-Lite. These highlighters are flawless, long lasting formula that can really complete your look without leaving you with a greasy look, like some highlights can tend to do. Hi-Lite illuminates your features and lets you shine bright.

With these colorful and bold cosmetics, you will feel like you are in Unicorn Paradise. And, the best part is, you can let you unicorn self shine without worry of fast fading with the high quality that these products have been developed with. So go on and summon your unicorn self, or mermaid if that’s what you prefer, with the cosmetics by Lime Crime.

Two Reasons Why Lime Crime Can Give You the Hair You Desire

For the past several years, different color hair has been the fashion trend! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Pink, and Rihanna have all dived hair first into the vibrant colors that match their sassy personalities! However, every woman struggles with answering the two main hair concerns: “What product can give me bold color?” and “How can I achieve this color without incurring damage to my hair?” The answer is found in Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!


Eye Catching Rainbow Colors


No matter your favorite color, Lime Crime has the right thing for you! This brand provides a semi-permanent fantasy hair colors that comes in thirteen colors: Sext, Gargoyle, Salad, Leeloo, Jello, Anime, Dirty Mermaid, Neon Peach, Strawberry Jam, Pony, Blue Smoke, Chocolate Cherry, and Bunny. Can’t find the color you’re looking for? Then no problem! These unicorn colors are designed to mix and match; so that you can create the color you desire!


Lasting Color and Safe Protection


After several washes, most hair dyes start to fade severely. Imagine wasting money and spends large amounts of time on your hair to only have short term results. The great news about this product is that is offers long lasting results. Fantasy hair loves don’t have to worry about their roots showing. Unicorn hair is created to fade gracefully, while keeping your roots intact. You must be thinking that since the color last so long, then it the dye must do more damage to the hair, right? Wrong! Each color dye is made with a vegetable glycerin! This means that there are no bleaches, ammonias, or peroxides to strip your hair of its natural nutrients.


Who says that celebrities are the only ones who can pull of bold hair? Surely, Lime Crime mission is dedicated to giving everyone the unicorn color they love with the results that they need! http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=31535057



Fun Life Hacks


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