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Andy Wirth Survives a Fatal Skiing Accident.


Andy Wirth, who is known to many as the former steamboat ski area marketing executive recently told the world about his horrifying sky diving accident which happened on October 31. The accident almost took his life after he landed roughly in a vineyard. He was very lucky to have survived the ordeal.
That fateful afternoon, Andy had gone to skydive as usual, but unfortunately, he become disoriented about his landing location when his chute opened. He missed his intended approach and landed in a vineyard. The steel posts and the wires used to support the grapevines caused a lot of trauma in his right arm.
Andy had left Steamboat in 2010 after serving the organization for 24 years. He later accepted a position from Squaw Valley and become the CEO and president of the company. He returned to work recently after staying in hospital for over 50 days. He actually endured 21 surgeries to enable his right arm to function properly. He said that he was doing quite well, and the arm is responding well because he has started playing the guitar. However, his elbow is progressing a bit slowly.
During the accident, Andy focused on a song by Pearl Jam, known as just breath. This song kept him breathing after he was badly injured. He had enough courage to use his left hand to help stop the bleeding from his right hand. He was actually aware that if the bleeding continued, he had very few minutes to live. After landing in the vineyard, he examined his arm and realized that he was in a very dangerous spot. The hand was torn in a bad way, and he had a severe dislocation at the elbow. His arm tissue was torn off his arm and his brachial artery was profusely bleeding.
Andy used his knowledge from back country ranger to stay alive as he waited for help. He managed to control his emotions, and the song helped him a lot. After around 15 minutes, help came, and Andy was rescued. He used a flight to go to the University of California where he could get medical help.
His wife, Karen was by his side before getting in to the flight. Andy says that the accident made the relationship between him and his wife better, and he actually got more determination to spend time with his children. His wife spent hours in the hospital with him, something that many people would not do.
Recently, Andy was appointed to become the chair of the Reno airport board. He has a lot of experience in that sector, so he is expected to bring a lot of change in to the company.
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