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The financial markets can be volatile but also very consistent when it comes to gains. Over the past couple of months the stock market has risen sharply which has provided positive signs of a healthy economy. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, there has been a rise in the stock market but a decline in the bond market. Due to the polarizing scenarios of the financial markets, a number of investors are unsure about how good the economy is doing. The firm found out that most investors have a bearish outlook on the financial markets as or today.

When evaluating the financial markets, it has been well known that consistent increases in the stock market have given investors a positive outlook. As a result, they had a bullish attitude towards the financial markets. There are usually more bullish investors than bearish. There have been fluctuations in the markets in recent months. In May, the stock market reached an all-time high while the bond market saw a considerable downslide. The stock market went down in June but then recently went back up in July. These have been the factors that have influenced investors in recent months. Despite the increase in the stock market, most investors are not convinced that the market is truly prosperous right now.

While there have been some fluctuations in the stock market, the economy looks to be in good shape according to financial experts and HCR Wealth Advisors. The stock market is having steady gains, unemployment is low and inflation is very low as well. These factors have convinced many people that the economic conditions are quite favorable. Despite having 121 consecutive months of growth, there are no signs that the economy will experience a downturn in the near future.

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