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Candidates for LGBT

The American people have continually used the Presidential campaign sector as a concrete venue to voice their concerns. For citizens brave enough to do that, they are often met with support from Presidential candidates who are willing to do what they have to do to gain a large margin of votes. BuzzFeed News reached out to the LGBT community to find out what they want from the presidential hopefuls. In recent years, the LGBT community has been neglected and often silenced. Fortunately for them, with the assistance of Allies who want to support the community, LGBT members are finally being called on to voice their opinions in the political realm. The majority of the parties running have made it apparent that LGBT issues are their issues too. So what does the LGBT community actually want? The four biggest factors for LGBT people are: conversion therapy, HPV vaccines for boys, spousal veto, and the recognition of sexual orientation on death certificates. All of the candidates have responded to these concerns in a pro-LGBT manner. They are against conversion therapy, they believe all citizens should be protected from HPV, spousal vetoes need to be dealt with immediately, and the proper data needs to be collected for LGBT people upon death. Much of the community has rejoiced with this knowledge but there are some who are not pleased. They raise some concern when they wonder if these elected officials will actively keep the promises that they are making. MarketWired says that for the sake of the LGBT community, hopefully these candidates can keep their promises and keep the established trust between themselves and LGBT people and allies such as Paul Mathieson.

Guam Allows for Marriage Equality

Guam Allows for Marriage Equality

The fight for marriage equality in other nations can take various shapes and have a lot of turns. The territory of Guam has also taken part in this fight.

In a memo made this Wednesday, officials in Guam have started processing marriage applications for same-sex couples, a process that was supposed to begin immediately. Folks at STX Entertainment know that this came from a letter from the attorney general of Guam himself. Despite this announcement, the head of the Department of Public Health and Social Services of Guam has come out and said that marriage licenses won’t be available on Wednesday, and in fact no official decision on the issue would come until Friday.

All of this had first sprung from an incident that happened two days earlier, where a same-sex couple, Loretta Pangelinan and Kathleen Aguero, were denied a marriage license. The couple decided to sue in federal court, which is subject to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the marriage bans were proven unconstitutional in the fall of 2014.

As for the letter written by the Guam attorney general, it is stated and strongly advised that the Department of Public Health and Social Services start looking over applications for same-sex couples and treating them as though they are no different than marriage applications for other couples.

Since the final decision will come on Friday, this is all not official law as of yet.