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Avaaz Takes Action Against Tycoon Rupert Murdoch

Avaaz has made a statement the decision made by the regulators pertaining to FOXA.O or Twenty First Century Fox regarding Sky News will be proper, fit and challenged in the courts. The logo representing the Sky News can easily be seen on the outside of both offices and studios located in west London. Avaaz has presented the possibility of a new hurdle for the $15.7 billion proposed takeover of Sky News. Avaaz spoke of the High Court judge who made allowances for the challenge of broadcasting the ruling last June of the broadcast regulator Ofcom. This ruling stated if Sky News were controlled by Fox it would represent a proper and fit ownership of the Britain broadcasting license. Avaaz is challenging this ruling.

Avaaz stated the case would be heard in court. This presents a potential complication to the agreement for Fox to purchase Sky News. They then intend to move on to DIS.N or Disney provided the green light is given to the separate sale of the film and television assets of the tycoon Rupert Murdoch. According to the regulator, although there were allegations of racial and sexual harassment occurring at Fox News in the United States there was no clear evidence. These disturbing and serious allegations did not prove the senior Fox executives were aware of the situation. The deal is facing numerous obstacles due to the influence of Murdoch on the new output of Sky News. He already owns the Sun and Times newspapers. To know more about Avaaz click here.

This is yet another example of Avaaz promoting global activism on important issues such as climate change, animal and human rights, poverty, corruption and conflict. Avaaz launched in 2007 with a mission to organize the citizens of numerous different nations to change the world into what the majority of people want it to be. Avaaz empowers individuals from all over the world and every walk of life to take action regarding pressing national, regional and global issues. The model they have established enables thousands of small, individual efforts to combine into a collective force with a lot of power. Avaaz makes an important difference in the world.