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Gold Market And Gold Coin Ownership And Leadership As Discussed By U.S Money Reserve’s President Philip Diehl.

Philip Diehl is has been a public figure since his career at U.S Mint. It did not come as a surprise to many when he was appointed as president of U.S. Money Reserve by president Bill Clinton.  Enterprise Radio invited Philip Diehl to his show to hold a discussion on various economic issues and his successful career.
When asked about his career, Philip Diehl had a lot to say about his time at U.S Mint as the Director. He is known to be the guy who led U.S Mint to its most successful time since it was started. Philip Diehl is known as a revolutionist since he is responsible for a lot of changes that happened in U.S Mint.

According to Epodcastnetwork, from U.S Mint, he moved to be the president of U.S Money Reserve. One of his most prominent changes at U.S is when he renovated the company’s customer service. Due to this renovation, U.S Mint was ranked second best in the Customer Satisfaction Index Survey. During his time at U.S, he was able to record the highest profit turnover in the history of the company. When he joined U.S Mint, the company was recording an annual profit of around $450 million. Through his good management and business techniques, he was able to leave the company at $2.5 billion annual profit when he left.

The U.S Money Reserve is a privately owned firm. It is contracted by the government to distribute government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins in United States, since it is one of the largest distributors in the country. In this company too he also has his legacy mainly attributed to the Sacagawea Dollars. He developed and introduced this dollar to the market and they had record sales. It sold more in 10 months than any of the previous dollar plans like the Susan B dollar, Anthony Dollar and the Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin had sold in 20 years.

He also worked as chief of staff of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and as staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee before he joined U.S Mint. Here he acquired useful experience fiscal and monetary policies that have helped him in U.S Money Reserve.

We can learn of useful business management strategies and techniques by looking at Philip Diehl career. He is a good example of a successful businessman and manager. Up to know Philip Diehl is the president of U.S Money Reserve.


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