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Soros Does Not Stop The Right To The Freedom Of Speech

The freedom of speech is a very sensitive thing. While millions of people have the right to express their opinions about various subjects and matters; that does not give them the right to speak out as they please. This is especially true when talking about government and political leaders. Some people believe that George Soros is somehow forcing governments to crackdown on freedom of speech. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

George Soros is a firm believer in open societies. When a society is open it allows its citizens to worship without limitations, to earn a living within a competitive marketplace and to vote for their leaders. Some societies do provide their members the rights mentioned above. However, they do not like them speaking out against the government and its leaders. This is the problem that Soros is facing in Hungary.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the leading figure in Hungary. When certain media (reporters) personalities and former government workers speak out against him or criticize the government, it creates problems for the Prime Minister and other politicians. The Prime Minister and the Hungarian government are not tolerant of people speaking out against the government – free speech or not.

Nations such as Turkey, Hungary and Poland do have constitutional freedom of speech, but they do not allow people to go overboard with this right. Prime Minister Orban believes that George Soros is endorsing a lot of negative rhetoric toward his government.

He firmly believes that Soros is being a troublesome person toward Hungary. Prime Minister Orban and Soros have been vying back and forth for nearly a year over the immigrant issue. George Soros’s university has been another issue between the two men. Orban firmly believes that Soros is out to weaken the government with his liberal cause of an open society.

The American billionaire, Soros, is not out to ruin Hungary. He just wants to ensure that the freedoms and liberties that people enjoy, remain intact. He also wants processes such as immigration to continue because of the importance that they serve.

Soros is firm believer in liberal causes because he knows that they bring balance to a government. He does not want the government to constantly push its will on its citizens because things can become too out of balance. Soros works hard to ensure that life for people is just and that no government entity is abusing their power. You can find out more about Soros and this issue on the CNN website.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Works To Improve Venezuela Living Conditions

In Venezuela, the very active National Assemblyman, Jose Manuel Gonzalez, has continued to bring his experience and leadership to create solutions. The problems must be handled in a more practical manner than in the past, insists Gonzalez. He blames the huge populist movement of the past for the current government’s many problems. He uses the recent example of a minimum wage law that the government declared, with no associated mechanism to enforce. He called such delusional legislation a “pipe dream” with no healthy economy to support such ideas, however grand.

While he is one of the first to admit to the problems being experienced by the Venezuelan government, he has also expressed his desire to keep working for real solutions. He will not be satisfied until something more than the broken, half-thought-out, miserable plans of the recent past are enacted. These non-solutions he labels as “band-aid projects” of no real value to the people of the land.

Gonzalez says the governments serious problems are also causing the Venezuelan people many problems in trade with other nations. Chief among the debilitating issues is the trade embargo that the United States and other formerly major trade partners have imposed on Venezuela. He says much of his time in government has been spent rooting out corruption and thieving inside the federal government. His special focus has been the breakdowns in the government’s management of farmers in producing enough food for the nation.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has a strong sense of fairness and just business practices. That is why he was sent to represent the people in the National Assembly. He is loved by a large portion of the population. He has had his own export business and also managed the nation’s export policies in the area of agriculture. He was not at all interested in entering the field of politics. It was the urging of many other people that caused him to step up and become an active politician in Venezuela. His leadership and clarity of vision are valued by his countrymen.