An Overview of Services Offered by USHEALTH Group of Companies

USHEALTH Group is a provider of health insurance plans through its affiliates, the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. The company offers a wide range of innovative life insurance services like Accident and Disability Insurance plans, Specified Sickness/Disease plans to families, businessmen and their workers, and self-employed persons. USHEALTH has provided services to over 15 million clients through its subsidiaries insurance firms.


Products and Services Offered by USHEALTH Group


When considering Accident and Specified Disease/Sickness covers, USHEALTH provides individualized services to clients because of their varying needs. USHEALTH offers a broad range of options for clients to choose, of course with the help of professionals at the firm. The firm develops innovative products that address the needs of every client in terms of affordability, reliability and flexibility. USHEALTH has unique products for clients whose budgets are squeezed, or those unable to meet the full annual premiums before they can benefit from their insurance covers. Such individuals are offered unique covers offering first dollar benefits for specific section that is covered. Although these covers are not very comprehensive, they are more affordable.


USHEALTH and its affiliates are committed to full customer satisfaction, and that is why they offer a broad array of services to address individual needs of their clients. The firm’s objective is to enhance the health and protection of their clients with a range of products and services such as Critical Illness, Accident, Income Protector, Specified Disease/Sickness, Vision and Dental plans, and others. USHEALTH Group of companies are recognized for creating lasting relationships with their clients. This has made the firm to be trusted by clients for consistently serving them perfectly.


USHEALTH Group’s Exceptional Service


All the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group understands very well that clients have unique needs and the approach of “one size fits all” does not always offer solution. This is why they offer a broad allay of quality and affordable solutions to cater for the needs of all their customers. In fact, Better Business Bureau rated USHEALTH Group A+ because of its excellent reputation while serving their customers. In 2013, the company was named Top 50 North American Call Center, rubbing shoulders with elite companies in the United States.

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