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Goettl Details How Best To Keep An HVAC System Running During The Summer Months

In the 21st century there are many different options open to homeowners when they seek to keep their HVAC system running in the perfect way, including taking a few DIY steps or working with a professional repair and maintenance company like Goettl. A recent article under the headline “Goettl Tells All” included a number of small and large steps that could be taken to ensure the air conditioning system of any property is running at maximum efficiency, steps that include employing a professional HVAC company to service or replace an existing HVAC system in the weeks and months before the warmest periods of the Summer arrive.

Other areas of concern for a property owner should include the need to look at almost every aspect of how a home is prepared for the Summer to provide as much assistance to the HVAC system as possible; among the steps that should be taken are the movement of a digital thermostat to an area that is shielded from direct sunlight to make sure a true temperature is obtained at all times. Using window films and high quality insulation can also limit losses seen in any property as a barrier will be created between the warm exterior air and the cooled interior.

The Goettl brand has been resurgent under owner Ken Goodrich since his purchase of the company in 2013 and making a major investment in new areas of business. Expansion has not meant Goodrich and Goettl have lost focus on their need to develop links to the local community, which has included an investment in the development of future employees through the College of Southern Nevada where new technicians are being trained in a workshop sponsored by Goettl and personally through funding from the Goodrich family.