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Goettl Air Conditioning: Honesty Is Their Policy

It might be one of the oldest cliches in the book, but that is only because it is true: honesty is truly the best policy. That is how people learn to rely on someone, trust them, get to know them, and know they are for real. Without honesty, a company is dead in the water before they even get off the ground. That is exactly what happened to Goettl Air Conditioning before Ken Goodrich took over the company in 2013. As soon as he signed on and took over the company, he gave them instant credibility. People knew this was a company that was going to take their needs seriously and this was a company that was going to do great work.


For example, they do the best repairs possible on air conditioners. They have the best crew out there, so when they do a job, they do the job right. They do not do it half way or part of the way. They take the necessary time to get it to where it is running like new. There are machines out there that might just need a new part or need something added to it. As they also say, there is no need to throw out the baby with the bath water.


This is not a company that is looking to pull the wool over the eyes of its customers. They want to help them save money and they always, always put the customer first, no matter what. They are not putting their needs ahead of the customers. That is what got the company in trouble in the first place before Ken Goodrich took over. Now that they have made the changes, they are going to stick to them and honesty is at the forefront of those changes, which the customers truly appreciate.