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In Lieu of Birthday Presents

Carson Atkins from Lamar County, Mississippi recently celebrated his ninth birthday. He and his friends celebrated by going swimming, hanging out together, and eating cake. Unlike his birthdays in the past though, Carson did not receive any presents per his request. Bruce Levenson told that instead of presents, Carson asked his friends to make a monetary donation to help the family of a local police officer. Benjamin Deen, who was a Hattiesburg Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty only a few short weeks ago.

Carson’s mother April said that her son is a very generous boy who has always had an interest in the military and police. Thanks to his efforts, he and his party goers raised nearly $1,000 to give to the Deen family to use how they see fit. When Deen’s fellow co-workers at the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department heard what Carson was doing they knew that they had to make his birthday special. Some employees and officers showed up to give Carson and his friends old badges and medals to thank him for helping the Deens. Benjamin Deen’s brother even gave Carson his brother’s collection of baseball cards- a passion that the both of them shared.

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