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Securus’ Rick Smith Increases Human Resource

Securus decision to reinvent its sales department was made in 2015 and followed by John Bell joining the company as its ‘senior vice president of sales’. His role will mainly be to come up with a software based high tech sales team. This need was informed by the expansion of Securus’ portfolio: over 800 products going to the corrections and prisons sector.

The CEO told the media that the decision to bring in more experience to the sale department was informed by the $600 million spent by the company in developing safety products for the corrections system. Richard said there was need to bring in an individual experienced in handling transformation of sales teams.

The 35 year experience John Bell has worked to his favor in clinching the job. Rick said that Bell’s experience in organizational culture transformation and excellence in delivery were needed at Securus. John’s career in developing sales leaders that are exceptional and delivering exceptional growth stood out according to Richard. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


Bell went to Holy Cross and later got a postgraduate education at ‘Wharton School of Business’. He also went to ‘Kellogg School of Management’. John has worked at IBM and At&T: both leaders in their industries. He has also worked for NTT Verio Verizon and ‘Time Warner Cable’.

Expected Outcomes

John Bell will be working with Josh Conklin, the sales ‘vice president’ and a team of 100 people. Josh will be reporting to Bell as the two try to realize the outcomes spelt out by the CEO. The outcomes include: increasing ‘face-to-face’ visits to customers, develop a training program for sales associates, utilize ‘Securus Technology Center’ with many more yearly customer presentations and to present more of Securus products to customers.

Richard insisted that Securus would get more contracts if their partners in law enforcement and the corrections facilities understood what they were offering. Since the products offered by Securus have become increasingly sophisticated, the sales team has to be in a position to effectively present the products to clients. The investigative kit, security apparatus and safety tools have advanced technologically and Richard feels the sales team should step up.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technology is based in Dallas. It serves over 3,450 corrections facilities, public safety institutions and law enforcement. By extension the company reaches more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus now specializes in ‘criminal justice technology’, solutions bent on preventing crimes committed by incarcerated inmates. Read more on

Positive Emails

Reporters have allocated emails and have been enabled to produce blogs. These emails are a ray of hope according to Smith. He says that once a week there are proposals released to law enforcement and the correction agencies on how to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith says his company has received many emails of appreciation.

Stevie Awards Names Securus As A Finalist In Its Customer Care Training Team Entry For Its Annual 2017 Celebrations.

On January 20th, Securus received an award from Stevie Awards as a finalist in the Customer Care Training Team category for the 11th annual Stevie Awards celebrations. The winner of the Customer Service Training Team of the year award will receive the award on February 24th at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. The Stevie Awards criticizes the nominations with the keen analysis of 77 judges from around the world. Other awards are also set to be announced at the same event. Finalists in every industry from across the world are scheduled to attend the celebrations.



Earning a Stevie Awards finalist position, guarantees a nominee such as Securus to be a winner in the Gold, Bronze and Silver nomination programs. Stevie Awards is an international business awarding show which is inclusive of the International Business Awards and the Stevie Awards for Great Employers. The Stevie Awards has more than 2300 nominations for all the 61 categories enlisted in 2016. Other entries that are part of the awards include the Award for Innovation in Customer Care Award, Customer Service Department of the Year award and Contact Center of the Year Award. Between January 23rd and February 1st, preliminary judges will have extensive discussions to determine the winners of all its categories in bronze, silver, and gold.



In 2016, the senior VP of Securus, Danny Hoyos, stated that the company was set to better its employee training. He explained that effective training involves empathy for the customer’s situation. He said that by focusing on the needs of their clients, Securus would ultimately provide efficient services to inmates and their families. Micheal Gallagher, the president of Stevie Awards, revealed that the judges’ choice for the award’s finalists selection process involved a consideration for an enterprise’s inspiration story in sales and business development strategy. He stated that most businesses had a remarkable business report and that the judges would have a difficult time in choosing the winners.


Securus Video Visitation Drops Crime Rates

The benefits of video visitation technology from Securus Technologies are many. One of the benefits is the portability of the technology. Not only do families save money and time virtually visiting with their inmate on the inside of a prison, they can take that prisoner where ever they’d like.


You can use a tablet or a smartphone with this video visitation technology. These two pieces of electronic equipment are very portable and can be taken on the go. You could theoretically take your inmate on a stroll in the park, bring them into a child’s birthday party, or you could tour them around the decorations on the Christmas tree in the living room. The only limits to this technology are in your imagination.


This should come as good news for everybody because recidivism rates drop when prisoners are allowed to communicate freely with the outside world. A well-connected prisoner is much less likely to commit another crime when released because that prisoner feels connected to the outside world. Cutting prisoner communications disenfranchises inmates to drive up crime rates. Video visitation technology is literally making the streets of your neighborhood safer.


This is the kind of benefit that Securus should be touting. The telecommunications company is currently advertising the benefits of video visitation in multiple states around the country. Though, this kind of technology can be counterintuitive.


Most people think that crime rates drop when the government gets tough on crime. But that is exactly the opposite of what actually happens. Crime rates drop when the government views crime as a public safety issue. There is a lot of data on how to treat prisoners and their families in order to reduce recidivism. This video visitation technology is sure to drop crime rates and that is something that Securus should include in its advertising.


Bringing Security and Livelihood to Prison

At Securus Technologies quality and reliability are the two main focal points, with high end products being successfully delivered to customers. Securus is an interesting company as it supports a very niche customer base, one that resides almost solely within the United States penal system. Incarcerated individuals currently serving time for mistakes they have made in the past require access to communications just as anyone else does, as well as a sense of security. In order to provide this level of support Securus trains its field technicians and customer support staff to higher forms of education, and expects from them the very best. Recently in the news Securus made a statement to the media that eleven of its highly decorated field technicians successfully completed the BICSI Installer 1 certification program, labeling them as some of the most elite technicians in the industry in modern times.


The BICSI Installer 1 certification branches technicians who take advantage of it out into broader concepts and levels of understanding for such important areas as video, audio, security, electronics and project management tasks. These detailed courses build abilities beyond what it expected of these technicians meaning that not only are they able to meet customer needs more efficiently, they are also able to successfully answer all questions and help make each customer feel individually important and needed within the system.


It is a difficult endeavor to bring a feeling safety and security to someone who is currently living within the prison system, with their families being closed off to them and danger lurking around every corner. Securus Technologies does it utmost best to make sure that its customers are comfortable with their livelihood, at least to the extent of their abilities as a communications company. This training is instrumental to the future of service.


The Kind “Heart” Of Securus Technologies Grew Bigger in 2015

Since 2008, Securus Technologies has been involved with supporting charities all over North America. This was as a way of thanking the society for the support it has given to the company. This support has enabled it to grow to where it now. The company partners with Associates in its charity donations.

The year 2015 was a great year for Securus Technologies and Associates as they were able to set various records in their donations. They were able to donate a total sum of $345,763 to the United Way 2015 Campaign. At the beginning of the year 2015, they had set for themselves a donation target of $290,000. Mathematically speaking, they beat their record by 19%, which is a great indication of their dedication to helping the society. Another record was also set by Securus Technologies in relation to the amount contributed in 2015 in comparison to the same amount the previous year. An additional 23% was contributed in this year’s amount.

In 2008, Securus Technologies started its philanthropic expedition with only $32,995. Though this amount was “small” they had an objective of giving more to the society. Seven years and Securus Technologies and its Associates have managed to hit $345,763. This is an extremely magical growth as the amount is over 10 times the original start up amount. It only took them seven years to beat their original donations 10 times. Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, can not believe how fast they have grown. He points all his praises to the Associates for making it possible.

He says that year in year out since the start of this noble journey the Associates have always supported them. They always have been there to see to it that Securus Technologies realizes its the dream of better healthcare, education, and basic needs of the society. He even confesses that he did not think that it was possible for them to realize this dream and they have done it.

This spirit of always making thing better every day and beating their targets by far is in the DNA of Securus Technologies. Since they began offering inmate communication and security solutions, they have always been looking for ways to make their services better. They have always worked towards improving inmate phone calling systems. They know have introduced the patented THREAD 3.1 technologies that make inmate phone calling systems even better.

The THREAD 3.1 software has an added advantage of video calling option. Inmates can now enjoy direct video calls to their families and friends. This also makes possible video visitation easy for families living away from their incarcerated member. To use this software, download their free app which works for Android and Apple products. Register for their services online and if you have any difficulty, Securus’ customer service team is always standing by to help.

The record by Securus Technologies through United Way contribution include the highest level of annual Securus Associates contributions and greatest number of Leadership Givers among others.

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