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Securus’ Rick Smith Increases Human Resource

Securus decision to reinvent its sales department was made in 2015 and followed by John Bell joining the company as its ‘senior vice president of sales’. His role will mainly be to come up with a software based high tech sales team. This need was informed by the expansion of Securus’ portfolio: over 800 products going to the corrections and prisons sector.

The CEO told the media that the decision to bring in more experience to the sale department was informed by the $600 million spent by the company in developing safety products for the corrections system. Richard said there was need to bring in an individual experienced in handling transformation of sales teams.

The 35 year experience John Bell has worked to his favor in clinching the job. Rick said that Bell’s experience in organizational culture transformation and excellence in delivery were needed at Securus. John’s career in developing sales leaders that are exceptional and delivering exceptional growth stood out according to Richard. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


Bell went to Holy Cross and later got a postgraduate education at ‘Wharton School of Business’. He also went to ‘Kellogg School of Management’. John has worked at IBM and At&T: both leaders in their industries. He has also worked for NTT Verio Verizon and ‘Time Warner Cable’.

Expected Outcomes

John Bell will be working with Josh Conklin, the sales ‘vice president’ and a team of 100 people. Josh will be reporting to Bell as the two try to realize the outcomes spelt out by the CEO. The outcomes include: increasing ‘face-to-face’ visits to customers, develop a training program for sales associates, utilize ‘Securus Technology Center’ with many more yearly customer presentations and to present more of Securus products to customers.

Richard insisted that Securus would get more contracts if their partners in law enforcement and the corrections facilities understood what they were offering. Since the products offered by Securus have become increasingly sophisticated, the sales team has to be in a position to effectively present the products to clients. The investigative kit, security apparatus and safety tools have advanced technologically and Richard feels the sales team should step up.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technology is based in Dallas. It serves over 3,450 corrections facilities, public safety institutions and law enforcement. By extension the company reaches more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus now specializes in ‘criminal justice technology’, solutions bent on preventing crimes committed by incarcerated inmates. Read more on

Positive Emails

Reporters have allocated emails and have been enabled to produce blogs. These emails are a ray of hope according to Smith. He says that once a week there are proposals released to law enforcement and the correction agencies on how to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith says his company has received many emails of appreciation.

Get to Know Lime Crime and the Unique Products

Lime Crime is a makeup company that began in 2008 by founder and CEO, Doe Deere. She created the brand after realizing she couldn’t find the bright makeup she was looking for in regular stores. So, she created her own line of makeup that features brightly colored lipsticks and eyeshadows made from high quality formulas. In 2009, the Unicorn Lipsticks were launched and they were the first brightly colored lipsticks to really hit the market. The Velvetines followed along, being released in 2012. They helped to create the trend of liquid to matte lip colors.

Lime Crime is known on Facebook for creating products that are cruelty-free. Many of the products are also vegan. As the company has grown, Doe still oversees all the production and continues to design new products. There is even a blog called that is dedicated to the makeup line and shows users getting creative with their looks. Lime Crime products are considered to be higher-end products and can be seen in many tutorials throughout Pinterest and YouTube.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipstick is a liquid that dries into a matte finish. It comes in 26 shades with a variety or reds and pinks, and even comes in bright blue and orange. Velvetines go on smooth and won’t rub off on anything that touches your lips. The Unicorn Lipsticks come in 7 bright shades such as, yellow and green. These lipsticks have a ton of pigment and will give lips a bold, fresh look. Lime Crime also has eyeshadow palettes and eye liners. Each of the Venus palettes have eight bold colors that go together to make perfect day or night looks. Venus: The Grunge Palette features more nude and brown colors, while Venus II has brighter colors with blues and greens. The liquid liners by Lime Crime are also unique with their colors such as gray and blue, but they have become quite popular with beauty gurus everywhere.

Lime Crime has some very unique products that are worth checking out. The lipsticks and eyeshadows come in colors that can’t be found anywhere else but will create amazing looks.  Instagram users often post their experiments with this unique makeup.