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Using Wen by Chaz Gives You the Best Maintenance for Your Hair

WEN Hair by Chaz is one of the many hair care products that you can use in order to maintain the appearance and styling of your hair. There was recently a woman who tested this QVC advertised product over the course of one week. During this week of testing the woman reported very positive results which included easier styling, a shinier look as well as an overall strengthening of her hair. After testing this product she came to the conclusion that this product is very adequate and is therefore one that she recommends to anyone looking to maintain their hair. While it is ideal for anyone it is most effective for those who have very thin and fine hair.
One of the things that make Wen by Chaz unique and advantageous to consumers is the fact that it is a multi formula product. Unlike most other products that are just shampoos and conditioner, Wen by Chaz provides this along with other things. With Wen by Chaz consumers will get a product that will cleanse style, treat and nourish your hair. The cleansing will clean your hair and eliminate dirt and dandruff. With styling you will be able to use the product to help you more easily give your hair the look you want. This product allows you to nourish your hair so that it stays healthy and gets all of the nutrients it needs to remain intact. Lastly Wen by Chaz allows users to treat their hair in case it is ever damaged.

When using Wen by Chaz, Amazon consumers will get a number of benefits and positive effects. This product will deeply cleanse the hair and ensure that it is completely cleaned as well has have a nice scent. The product gives users a shiny look to the hair which will make it look much nice and healthier. Wen by Chaz gives people an ideal product in order to keep their hair in the best possible condition due to the many natural ingredients that it contains.

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Andy Wirth Wins His Fight Against Incorporate Olympic Valley

The Reno-Gazette Journal did an interview with Andy Wirth about the past few years and the outlook for future seasons. The last few years haven’t been kind to the Squaw Valley and Alpine resorts, but Mr. Wirth sees relief on the way. Andy Wirth you may remember is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, and a major supporter to the community and environment of the Squaw Valley area. Despite the recent droughts that ravaged the area, Mr. Wirth said mother nature stepped in with some storms and cold temperatures to restore the area’s vitality.

Also, with the push for incorporation of Squaw Valley withdrawn, Mr. Wirth sees relief coming to the civic concerns and businesses of the area. Squaw Valley Holdings spent a fortune fighting the incorporation that would only have decreased local services, and increased taxes for both residents and area business. Mr. Wirth also believed that incorporation would isolate Squaw Valley from other communities on the North Shore. He saw the incorporation as a disaster both financially and environmentally.

Mr. Wirth a long time champion for the environment, spent his early years as a ranger in Colorado and Rocky Mountain parks. Since his skydiving accident, he has teamed up with the Navy Seals to champion his causes for both wounded warriors and environmental issues. Mr. Wirth shares some of his plans for the future and offers that Squaw Valley Holdings plans on introducing a Gondola to the area that will connect the Squaw Valley Resort with the Alpine Meadows Resort. He also has plans to expand commercial and residential development of the area.

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission sided with Mr. Wirth against the incorporation drive in determining that the incorporation wouldn’t be fiscally feasible. Mr. Wirth believes the community should now focus on transportation and other issues now that the incorporation is set aside. He sees the Olympic Valley stretching out beyond its borders to form a strong cohesive community. Now that the divisiveness is over, he holds out hope for a positive future for the entire community.

Mr. Wirth is a graduate of Edinburgh and Colorado state Universities, and his career in the resort industry stretches over 20 years. He is a well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur, and he has gained world renown for his environmental efforts. He is a major contributor to charities and causes in the Lake Tahoe area, and with his wife Karen currently resides in Truckee, California.

Marc Sparks, Social Entrepreneur?

who is marc sparks
Marc Sparks: social entrepreneur?

There has been a new opening in the entrepreneurial frontier, but is it a new movement? Social entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks have been widely lauded in the media lately. The rise in this form of social change has been aided by the proliferation of the digital universe. The effects of the digital revolution on the entire world cannot be understated in any aspect of society, but it especially excels at connecting people. This connection has had the effect of shrinking the expanses of the world greatly. It has also made business global instantly as well as made worldwide ills very visible. Entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers, and when they encounter these daunting issues, they automatically map out solutions. However, by doing this, the question of why nothing has been done to rectify these situations if they can be readily solved has to be asked.

Social entrepreneurs fill the gap that traditional business and governments cannot or will not, but instead of placing their own capital into solving these problems, they apply entrepreneurial principles in solving the problems effectively and sustainably. They are also able to initiate this change on a wide scale, and scaling is an entrepreneurial tenet. Some social entrepreneurs have been able to initiate change to entire societies by employing techniques to achieve an idea rather than profit. Entrepreneurs also have to take lofty ideas and make them viable solutions, and this takes a measure of realism above what is common in most people. This type of entrepreneur also has to sell people on their ideas over a very wide scale in easily understandable and easily implementable ways.

Often, people who are already successful in the business world will utilize social entrepreneurship to solve social issues. Former president Carter utilized social entrepreneurship to start Habitat of Humanity. This organization builds homes for low income people that earn equity by working to build homes for people in the same situation. The term sweat equity is the entrepreneurial principle utilized in that venture. Successful entrepreneur Marc Sparks shows that social entrepreneurship can be applied to any level of issue to empower people. He personally utilizes social entrepreneurship to empower budding start-up entrepreneurs with mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. 

By doing this, he allows the budding entrepreneurs to gain insight that they would have otherwise not been subject to incurring. The information they gain is invaluable, and relationships can be started that benefit them for their entire careers. People can learn more from successful people than can be had from people that simply like to maintain the status quo or that have failed because success is a mindset that can endure failure, still overcome the obstacles and maintain perspective.

Fake Cancer Charities Ripping off America

Fake Cancer Charities Ripping off America

A long standing fraud tricking Americans to think they were donating to help cancer patients has come to an end. James T Reynolds Sr worked in Knoxville, TN for a chapter of the American Cancer Society. He was fired for stealing a title to a Ford Mustang that was supposed to be auctioned off. Then he established the Cancer Fund of America. Four charities began to mislead the public about their part in helping people fighting cancer and all together this family of conartists gathered $187 Million dollars states Claudio Loureiro.
The Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America actually went to funding personal luxuries like trips to Disney Land, new cars, college tution and other frills. They did however donate out of date antibiotics and junk food to cancer patients. The height of this scam was between 2008 to 2012. Only 3% of the donations went into helping the patients with diapers, sample size toiletries and Little Debbie Snack cakes.
Now when Americans believe they are doing something for a righteous cause, be weary on who you really are helping. The best thing someone can do is to directly donate to the patients and cut out the middle man.

The Rise of the Visual Search Engine

Search engines are plentiful, and every search provider is doing their best to provide people the most convenient way to search for anything they want. With the advent of smartphone cameras, visual and image searching has been developing by leaps and bounds. People want to know what they’re looking at, and they want to know how to get it. Visual searches are great for people want to compare products at stores or look up details about a historical monument.

Currently, there are two ways to search for an image, either by uploading an old image or by taking a picture of it. When searching with a picture, image search engines only find what’s visually similar. This means the result could have the same shape and color, but could be a completely different object. Another method engines use to search a visual detail are the metatags attached to the image. Every picture has metatags in them that detail a keyword, location or even a name. Although, this tends to be lackluster as well.

The other method, taking a picture, has improved visual search technology within the past few years. Since pictures taken with phones are brand new, they have no prior image on the internet nor do they have the appropriate metatags. So instead, smartphones upload the image to a central database where it’s scrutinized until it comes close to a match, similar to the other method. This involves matching the new picture with numerous pictures already on the net, and thus results may vary.

With this growing technology, visual search is improving everyday to be more helpful to people. Slyce, a company that’s spearheading the technology, is an example of that. Slyce aims to develop advanced image recognition technology, so that consumers are able to find what they want. Technology is all about convenience, and Slyce brings that convenience to everyone. Slyce improves the technology by having the image stream to the database where it’s recognized multiple times to provide better accuracy.

With all that in mind, visual searching is growing at an alarming rate, and people will benefit the most from it. Download some apps onto your smartphone to see how visual search can help you.

Not Cool Nashville

A homeowner’s association in an upscale Nashville suburb thinks that the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood is more important than a man being able to get into and out of his own home. Last summer, the Rev. Mr. Michael Broadnax had a stroke. When he was released from the hospital, his wife was told to install a wheelchair so he could receive therapy at home. She hired a contractor and did so. For months, no one complained. June 1, 2015, the Broadnax family received a letter demanding that the wheelchair ramp be removed within 14 days or that the HOA would take it down and charge the Broadnaxes for the cost of removal. Mr. Broadnax is back in the hospital, for brain surgery this time, and Mrs. Broadnax is more than a little upset about the situation.

Sam Tabar understands that the basis of the HOA’s complaint is that the Broadnax family did not apply for permission before building the ramp. They now state “The board did not know the ramp was for the homeowner, Mr. Broadnax. The association would like to work with the owners on a compromise regarding the appearance and location of the ramp and compliance with any applicable codes.” Was the HOA under the impression that the Broadnax family put up a wheelchair ramp on a whim, as opposed to planting hydrangeas? A little common sense and compassion would go a long way.

Meeting The Man That Saved My Life

A suicidal 15 year old boy stood on the ledge of a bridge ready to jump. Mark Henrick remembers every detail of that night with amazing clarity; the rain on the railing, the faces of the crowd that was forming, the voice of the man that was calling out for him to jump. Then there was the voice of the man standing just behind Mark. The man didn’t say much but he quietly let Mark know that he was there with him, and Daniel really liked that.

As Mark let go of the railing the man wrapped his arm around Mark and pulled him back. “This image had always stuck in my mind, of having this guy on the sidelines who didn’t know me, who didn’t have any apparent interest in my life or what I was going through, who was basically pushing me over the edge,”
“And then I had this other stranger who was right behind me, not really saying a whole lot. Not telling me to do anything, not trying to solve all of my problems, and he was the one keeping me there, who literally was the one that pulled me back.”
Mike Richy was the man that saved Marks life 13 years ago on that bridge.
“I didn’t even know Mike was real for most of this time. I didn’t know if he was just something I’d just made up in my mind.”
Henrick didn’t jump, today he is working as a mental health advocate, he has a wife and a child.

Early Earth: Life May Have Arose More Than A Billion Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

New research shows that life on earth may have thrived a billion years before previous estimations. Ancient rocks were analyzed, and the evidence showed that life forms were producing nitrogen over 3 billion years ago. Even in cosmic terms this is significant, as it’s 1/14 the age of the universe itself.


Early earth was unimaginably inhospitable with climate swings, and had no oxygen. Still, life somehow managed to take hold. Of course, these were single-cell organisms and nothing even close to the complexity or abundance of life we see in the modern world.


While scientists are uncertain as to how life began, the fact that any living organism took hold in such a hostile environment has far ranging implications. If existence can spring out of such an unfriendly habitat then the search for extraterrestrial life may not be in vain; in fact, some have argued that it’s likely to have arisen on planets that previously would have been deemed inhospitable.


This is an extremely exciting time for all of the physical sciences, and it’ll be interesting to see what develops in the coming years. Bruce will definitely be paying attention for sure.

Guam Allows for Marriage Equality

Guam Allows for Marriage Equality

The fight for marriage equality in other nations can take various shapes and have a lot of turns. The territory of Guam has also taken part in this fight.

In a memo made this Wednesday, officials in Guam have started processing marriage applications for same-sex couples, a process that was supposed to begin immediately. Folks at STX Entertainment know that this came from a letter from the attorney general of Guam himself. Despite this announcement, the head of the Department of Public Health and Social Services of Guam has come out and said that marriage licenses won’t be available on Wednesday, and in fact no official decision on the issue would come until Friday.

All of this had first sprung from an incident that happened two days earlier, where a same-sex couple, Loretta Pangelinan and Kathleen Aguero, were denied a marriage license. The couple decided to sue in federal court, which is subject to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the marriage bans were proven unconstitutional in the fall of 2014.

As for the letter written by the Guam attorney general, it is stated and strongly advised that the Department of Public Health and Social Services start looking over applications for same-sex couples and treating them as though they are no different than marriage applications for other couples.

Since the final decision will come on Friday, this is all not official law as of yet.

Wife Refuses to Pull Plug on Husband After Accident

December of 2010 was the happiest time in Danielle Davis’ life. She married her sweetheart Matt and the two began their life together. Things between the two were great until a tragedy struck just seven months into their marriage. Matt was in a motorcycle accident. He was left with broken bones as well as a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma on life support. Just a short nine days after Matt’s accident, doctors were trying to convince Danielle to pull the plug on him. Luckily she ignored the advice of his doctors.

According to the story on, Danielle brought Matt home after he was discharged from the hospital. She took turns with her mother taking care of his needs. A few months after he was home, Danielle noticed that he was trying to talk to her. As his voice got stronger she heard him say “I’m trying”. Ever since that moment Matt has been slowly recovering. When he fully came out of the coma, the previous three years from his life were missing in his memory. He had no idea that Danielle was his wife or that his father had passed away.

Matt is making strides every day. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that he is in rehab relearning everything he knew how to do. Danielle has set up a GoFundMe site to help facilitate the cost of rehab for him. If you would like to donate, click on the link in this story to lead you to the site.