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The Futuristic-Jason Hope

In the Arizona area, Jason Hope a technology guru and futurist, is a household name in the field of technology. Jason multifaceted individual with skills and experience in writing, entrepreneurship, and investment. As the founder of Jason Hope Consulting Business, he shares his knowledge and expertise with other companies. This is one quality that has seen Jason grow and create a name for himself.

In addition, his experience and knowledge in business and technology has contributed to the informational piece on ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) that explains how technology is the largest advancement that entrepreneurs require and will experience. Being a graduate and an MBA holder, from Arizona University, has prepared him in his business related career. In addition, the education background has equipped him with the knowledge on how to handle his mobile communication technology business, (Jason Hope Consulting Business).

With a passion in technology, Jason is a futurist who uses his skills and knowledge to make predictions in the world of technology. From his futuristic point of view, the power of Internet of Things will be vital in the future as people get modernized. To Jason entrepreneurs should incorporate technology in their business in the future, as that is why the future of technology is.

As a dedicated and passionate young man, who believes that the future of entrepreneurs heavily relies on technology, Jason takes advantage and use of his skills to share some aspects of technology, and entrepreneurship with the community. This is an indication that he is an individual who believes in growing together with the community. This is also seen through his philanthropic work through Strategic for Engineering Negligible Senescence foundation (SENS), where he has been participating both financially and innovatively. The foundation conducts research on life extension and how to control disease re-occurrence to learn more: click here.

At the grassroots level, Jason mentors the youth in high schools around Scotland on technology issues. Moreover, he runs a grant program at the community level. The driving force behind the grant program was through his understanding of the hurdles that young entrepreneurs undergo, despite their amazing ideas due to the state of the economy. Moreover he believes that the future of technology is determined by the young entrepreneurs.