Jed McCaleb and The Stellar Lumens

Jeb McCaleb is the co-founder and CEO of Stellar Development Foundation. He co-founded the foundation together with Joyce Kim in 2014. He found the company upon realizing that many people are left without resources, after the breaking of financial infrastructure. He spends most of his time at Stellar with the smartest people ever in his life.

Before Jed co-founded Stellar foundation, he made eDonkey in 2000. This was a peer to peer network for file sharing. eDonkey was the first platform to implement Kademlia DHT and multi-source downloading. Jed McCaleb spent most of his time on improving technologies and using the same techniques to make the world better. He believes in improving human conditions and reducing inefficiency by leveraging on technology.

In 2011, Jed created Mt. Gox, which became the first Bitcoin exchange. He is also an advisor at MIRI, a company that carries research in artificial intelligence. He envisions a single system for payment services that run the entire world, powered by Bitcoin. He also sees the possibility of the payment of fiat currency through Blockchain. Jed sees Stellar as a payment process system that will support shares and stocks by 2028.

In 10 years’ time, Jed believes that all equity will be tokenized on blockchain technology. The Stellar token network: The Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been following an upward trend for some time now. It has adopted the lightning network to neutralize against any future drawbacks. With his in-depth knowledge and experience in technologies, his successful future prediction for Stellar is not something to ignore. Know more here.

Jed’s opinion on the current Initial Coin Offerings is that the system does not tap the market. Autonomous next reports that ICOs have raised $9 billion over four years. However, the popularity of ICOs has led to an increase in fraudsters who take advantage of technology to raise funds leaving investors without their money. Regulators attention has been drawn on this activity.

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SahmAdrangi: A Strong Force behind Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC

Mr. Adrangi is a man of composure as described by many in the business sector. SahmAdrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerraside Capital Management since 2009. Before he rose to fame, Mr. Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management as an Investment Analyst. He is a holder of Bachelor of Art in Economics from Yale University. His prowess in the business sector has been noted by many other companies he has worked for before. This is attested by his experience at Chanin Capital Partners where he advised the creditors in out-of-court and bankruptcy restructurings.Mr. Adrangi may be termed as an epitome of experience due to his expertise. He has been in the working force with some of the prestigious brand companies in New York. He has worked for the Leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank. His major role was in debt refinancing, restructuring, and syndicating of non-investment grade banks debt.

Contrary to his persona, Mr. Adrangi’s company Kerraside Capital Management is a force to reckon with! Within a short period, the firm has raised $100 million which is planned to bet against a single stock, something which they are well accustomed to. Kerraside Management is a firm based in New York that is involved in investment management and manages about $500 million plus worth of investment. Since its inception in 2009, the firm has been involved with high-value investments and special event-driven scenarios which they have managed professionally. As opposed to other firms, the company shares its ideas of investment with the public and the general investment family. Mr. Adrangi is well known for his tenacious response to the various Chinese Companies which he found out to be limbo. He has played an active role in activism as with the Satellite Company of Globalstar, Sage Therapeutics, and Zafgen. The Kerraside firm plans to use the hedge-fund that was raised to bet in the stock of a whopping $10 billion company which has not yet been unveiled, but Mr. Adrangi has promised to name the company soon. The firm gets an annual return of about 28 percent out of its bets against the various companies in the last five years. This is surprisingly good return for a small company.

Betsy DeVos: Advocating for Equity in American Education System

After her relentless effort to seek ways to improve the quality of education in the United States, Mrs. Betsy DeVos was added more responsibilities by President Donald Trump to be his Education Secretary. In fact, it is the right time for Mrs. DeVos to advance her education agenda while serving the federal government. For very many years, Betsy was actively involved in various causes that supported reforms in the education sector. Today, the educational choice she had been advocating for many years is already operational in half of the states in the U.S. The District of Columbia is also covered by this program.

Reasons Why Betsy Decided to Push for Reforms

Several years ago, Betsy and Dick visited one of the largest schools in Grand Rapids, the Potter’s, which mainly served low-income families in this area. It was extremely hard for some parents to pay school fees for their kids at this school. The couple decided to select specific students and offer them scholarships, and that commitment is still on course even today. However, they could not help all the needy students in Michigan, or even their home town Grand Rapids, and that made them seek alternative ways to ensure all less-fortunate students have equal chances of accessing quality education. Betsy was involved in the formation of several foundations and PACs to advance her cause.

The foundations provided scholarships to children from low income family backgrounds, while the political action committees pushed for legislation reforms that gave rise to formation of charter schools and education-choice options.Mrs. DeVos (@ Betsy DeVos ) Twitter served on boards of two national charities that advocated for scholarships through vouchers and tax credits. Later, she formed Great Lakes Education Projects, a political movement based in Michigan, which was involved in the expansion of charter schools in the state. This movement achieved enormous success in early 2000s, and those involved thought it was the right time to move to the next level and make it national. Mrs. Betsy DeVos was an integral part of this organization, as she was involved in proposing potential politicians, whom they supported in order to push for legislation that advanced the need to have an inclusive education system in the U.S

Betsy DeVos’ Career History

Betsy DeVos has spent much of her life advancing the needs to have effective education system that accommodates the needs of all students regardless of their family backgrounds. In her new role as secretary, Mrs. Betsy DeVos will seek ways to ensure the control of education is reverted back to state governments and localities. Prior to becoming secretary, she was an executive at the family owned business, The Windquest Group. She also served on numerous civic and charitable groups at both local and national levels.

Martin Lustgarten Knows How To Help People Invest Internationally

Martin Lustgarten is an international investor who knows how to help people when they are trying to get more money from a simple investment. There are a lot of good investments that people can do, and that will make their lives much easier. There are many things that people have to do to invest, but they often mess these things up because they do not have the right skills to actually invest. It is very easy for people to invest once they get in with Martin Lustgarten, and they will follow his advice because he knows exactly what to do.

The investor that comes to the office of Martin Lustgarten will want to learn how they can invest their money, and they should start thinking about what results they want. The results that someone is looking for changes based on their own needs, and they can share with Martin Lustgarten what they think the best option is. It is pretty easy for people to make sure that they can make the right amount of money, and they will easily note that they can read their reports to see how well their investments do.

The investments that people are using to make money have to come from Martin Lustgarten with a plan. The plan that he makes for his clients will show them a long term potential that will help them earn money. All the money that is earned could be used for anything, and it makes life easy for people because now they have some financial security that they have been looking for. They will come back to Martin Lustgarten any time they want to make more investments for the future. They can get something that will be easy to understand, unique and simple as compared to the stock market.

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Philip Diehl Leads Gold Market at U.S. Money Reserve

Throughout recent history people who have worked many years to build a retirement fund to live out their golden years have bought precious metals like gold to safeguard their wealth and continually build their old age safety net to the highest level possible. Philip Diehl has been a leader in providing products based around precious metals like gold that will increase in value and be well protected from any economic downturn that may occur. Market predictions are that gold could be hitting an all time high in the future and that is why Diehl and U.S. Money Reserve are creating so many satisfied and pleased customers, because they are the owners of rare precious metals.

It all begins with the leadership of Philip Diehl. He has a long history working in the field of finances and buying and selling valuable commodities. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve the position of Director of the United States Mint and served in that capacity until the year 2000. Under his leadership the Mint radically improved its performance and efficiency of operation. His program was highlighted by the 50 State Quarters Program and the Sacagawea Dollar. Upon leaving the U.S. Mint, Diehl was looking for ways to take his expertise and share it with the rest of the world. He found this opportunity becoming President of U.S. Money Reserve.

Diehl believes there are several reasons that gold is a great investment at this point in history. One of the biggest is the fear that the financial crisis of 2008 generated in the investment community. So many people are afraid of having their savings wiped out by a volatile Wall Street that certainty of gold is a very appealing option. Secondly, there is a much larger market for precious metals because of internet buying though Electronic Traded Funds, (EFTs). These allow access to the market of precious metals to a much larger audience which is good for the price of gold. The value of the dollar and the behavior of the Federal Reserve is another factor which makes gold a desirable investment. When the value of the dollar is lower, the value of gold is higher and monetary policies of the Federal Reserve seem to be driving the value of the dollar slowly but surely down.

The U.S. Money Reserve reflects all of this valuable information in the products that they produce and sell. They provide excellent customer service and products that have more constant value than their competitors. Diehl is able to do this by including gold and precious metals backed by the United States government. That means that the consistency and value of the metal is going to remain constant. Buying gold from other sources means a buyer has no real idea what the quality of the metal actually is. It could fluctuate wildly. U.S. Money Reserve provides high quality products that are backed by the government and will be a good investment for the future. Philip Diehl provides the knowledge and investment skill to make it all happen.

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Gold Market And Gold Coin Ownership And Leadership As Discussed By U.S Money Reserve’s President Philip Diehl.

Philip Diehl is has been a public figure since his career at U.S Mint. It did not come as a surprise to many when he was appointed as president of U.S. Money Reserve by president Bill Clinton.  Enterprise Radio invited Philip Diehl to his show to hold a discussion on various economic issues and his successful career.
When asked about his career, Philip Diehl had a lot to say about his time at U.S Mint as the Director. He is known to be the guy who led U.S Mint to its most successful time since it was started. Philip Diehl is known as a revolutionist since he is responsible for a lot of changes that happened in U.S Mint.

According to Epodcastnetwork, from U.S Mint, he moved to be the president of U.S Money Reserve. One of his most prominent changes at U.S is when he renovated the company’s customer service. Due to this renovation, U.S Mint was ranked second best in the Customer Satisfaction Index Survey. During his time at U.S, he was able to record the highest profit turnover in the history of the company. When he joined U.S Mint, the company was recording an annual profit of around $450 million. Through his good management and business techniques, he was able to leave the company at $2.5 billion annual profit when he left.

The U.S Money Reserve is a privately owned firm. It is contracted by the government to distribute government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins in United States, since it is one of the largest distributors in the country. In this company too he also has his legacy mainly attributed to the Sacagawea Dollars. He developed and introduced this dollar to the market and they had record sales. It sold more in 10 months than any of the previous dollar plans like the Susan B dollar, Anthony Dollar and the Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin had sold in 20 years.

He also worked as chief of staff of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and as staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee before he joined U.S Mint. Here he acquired useful experience fiscal and monetary policies that have helped him in U.S Money Reserve.

We can learn of useful business management strategies and techniques by looking at Philip Diehl career. He is a good example of a successful businessman and manager. Up to know Philip Diehl is the president of U.S Money Reserve.