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Fortress Investment Group: A Force Within The World Of Investment

Fortress Investment Group started out fairly modestly. It was established in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone as a private equity firm. However, it has since grown into a fairly significant force within the world of investment.

The New York-based firm started in private equity, but Fortress Investment Group soon expanded into hedge funds, real estate-related investments and debt securities. When it went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2007, it had the distinction of being the first of its kind to be traded publicly; prior to that time, no other large private equity firm had made the shift.

Fortress Investment Group has a number of products that it handles. In addition to private equity, it has expanded into other areas over the years. These other areas include credit funds, railroads, hedge funds, and traditional asset management.

Since its founding, Fortress Investment Group has grown into an employer of more than 2,500 people. It has a number of subsidiaries. It also commands more than $1 billion in revenues, which makes it a significant force within the world of investment.

Over the years, the firm had built itself up as an attractive company. This included gaining note in 2014 as HFMWeek’s “Management Firm of the Year.” In 2017, the SoftBank Group acquired it for $3.3 billion. This acquisition helped to make the firm even stronger than it had been before with the Tokyo-based multinational backing it.

Part of Fortress Investment Group’s strength can be found in its subsidiaries. It currently has more than half-a-dozen subsidiaries, which give it a reach into various areas from ski resort to retirement homes. A few of the names currently on that list are Nationstar Mortgage, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, Newcastle Investment Corp, New Residential Investment Corp, and New Media Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a firm dealing in Investment management. It manages alternative assets, liquid hedge funds, private equity and credit funds. The company was founded on 1 January 1998. With about 10-15 employees, the company is located in New York, United States.

It was established mainly as a private equity firm by Randal Nardone, Wesley R Edens, and Rob Kauffman. On February 9, 2007, it became the first firm to be traded publicly in private equity. The firm managed about $70.2 billion in hedge funds, credit funds and private equity as at 30 June 2016.

Fortress Investment was named hedge fund manager of the year in 2014. The same year it was also named management firm of the year by HFM Week. Softbank announced that it would buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion on February 14, 2017.

The acquisition was completed on December the same year. The company loaned the medical start-up Theranos $100 million. By January 3, 2018, Fortress Investment Group announced its plan to sell stakes in Apollo Global Management.

Fortress-managed Funds acquired Intrewest company in 2016 and later sold it in 2016. Rail America Inc. announced in 2006 that it would acquire the company at $16.35 for each share. This transaction was then completed in 2007.

The company has taken some of its companies public, including Rail America Inc., Brookdale Senior Living Inc., GAGFAH and Aircastle Ltd. Fortress lost about $125 million in the purchase of promissory notes. It was reported in October 2014 that Fortress had purchased Inverness Corners.

When Millennium Development Group was building the athlete’s village for the 2010 Winter Olympics, it was Fortress Investment Group that provided the loan. The financial instability in 2008 made the company bankrupt.

It was, therefore, unable to finance this project. This project was picked up by the City of Vancouver to finish the project within the time for the Winter Olympics. After the village was completed in 2009, Fortress became the owner when the Winter Olympics was over in 2010.

A Year Of Change And Growth For The Fortress Investment Group

2018 proved to be one of the most consequential years for the Fortress Investment Group. The Group was transitioning from a publicly listed company back to private leadership. Over the years, they have grown to become one of the most prominent asset management organizations. Founded in 1998 by three partners, the Group would grow from an initial 400 million dollars to what it is today.

The purchase of the Group by Softbank began in 2017 when they began looking for an investment vehicle to help them grow their presence in the United States. The Tokyo based financial conglomerate has been expanding its presence rapidly across the globe. However, they have mainly focused on tech investments for the last decade or so. They would soon realize that there existed a lot of new and exciting opportunities, especially in the United States other than technology, and since they already had tech-based investments, it was necessary to diversify. The Fortress Investment Group was a perfect fit given there twenty-year history and quite a diverse portfolio. The Group’s principals were also highly qualified and experienced to lead the organization in whatever direction they would agree on. This meant that SoftBank could acquire the Fortress Investment Group, inject capital, and let the Group continue operating as an almost independent entity.

This was a win-win proposition for all those involved in the deal, and as such when it was presented to the shareholders, it was quickly endorsed. Once the acquisition was completed, the Fortress Investment Group stopped trading on the New York Stock Exchange. They would soon after embark on investing in High profile real estate. Their first investment was TSX Broadway. This iconic development in New York’s Times Square soon captured the interest of other investors, i.e., L&L Holding Company, and Maefield Development. The partnership meant that they could now create one of the most iconic brands in the city, and it is easy to see why companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, and YouTube are interested.

The partnership between Fortress and SoftBank promises to bring in more investments into the country and at the same time, create more opportunities for both.

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HGGC Venture Capital And Private Equity Services

HGGC is a very large company that provides venture capital investments and private equity services, and they are based out of Palo Alto, California. Their services are offered throughout the world, and the company was founded in 2007. The company is quite sizable, and they have a total of 4.3 billion dollars worth of investments in total. They offer more than 60,000 jobs, and these workers are located all over the world and serve a wide range of roles with the company.

What Do They Specialize In?

The company specializes in add on acquisitions, recapitalization, growth equity, corporate carve outs, platform investments, and leveraged buyouts. Another specialty that they have is being skilled at restructuring publicly companies as well as mid cap and middle market private companies.

They invest in companies that operate in a wide range of sectors, such as financial services, healthcare, software, and chemicals. While they do invest in companies that are located all over the world, most of their investments are in companies that are based out of North America.

The investments that they make are typically fairly large and are often in the range of 25-125 million dollars. In general, they invest in companies that have a revenue somewhere between 100 million and a billion dollars. There are other factors that they consider as well, and they generally choose companies that have an enterprise value of 100-500 million and an EBITDA of 15-75 million.

How Can You Get In Touch With HGGC?

You can reach HGGC by phone, email, or through social media. The phone number of HGGC is 650-321-4910, and they are located at 1950 University Avenue Suite 350 Palo Alto, CA 94303. However, Palo Alto is not their only location, and they also have offices in Salt Lake City, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed

In the recent past, Matt Badiali who is a renowned freedom checks investor has released a video that has gone viral. This video has attracted significant attention of many investors most of them wondering what it is involved in the entire venture. Millions of locals have viewed this video, and it has offered Mr. Matt an opportunity to reach out the interested parties by explaining to them what checks are and who to earn an income through them.

To this end, he explains that this program differs from the standard state program like Medicare, social security, IRA or any other retirement account. As Matt Badiali explains, checks are more poised compared to the options mentioned above. As such, these checks can be three or even four times bigger compeered to the monthly social security payments. Additionally, unlike the social securities, freedom checks are not restricted by the age factor.

How Did Matt Badiali Freedom checks?

All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered. Various inspections that have been conducted regarding this venture have revealed that even though its title sounds unique, the investment itself is a legit venture that can be beneficial to investors. This investment was incepted in 1987, and since then it has continued to grow and advance in various aspect. Currently, more than 568 firms meet the required operation conditions, and therefore they have been allowed to trade the checks.

Matt Badiali conceived the idea of setting up this investment when he was still working with one of the seasoned financial experts in where he served in various capacities that saw him travel to different destination around the globe. Matt Badiali happened to meet with many CEOs running different entities and this way he was able to keep up with all noble technological, advancements and trends.

Similarly, it was during this course that Matt came to learn about the MLPs. To be precise, these firms deal with three major activities, which include storage, processing and the transportation of the oil. These firms, however, must channel at least 90% of their income to the payment of the investors, and this is what is referred to as the freedom checks.

Matt Badiali Explains the Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

Since it launched in the year 2016 by one Mat Badiali, the concept of checks has been a cause for debate among many investors and normal businessmen. Many would like to believe in the opportunity but many are also afraid that the whole thing may be a scam. The fear is not wrong, there are many people looking to make money out of scams on the internet in the name of investments. However, the founder of the freedom checks assures the public that freedom checks are actually legitimate investment opportunities.

An understanding of the freedom checks

In business terms, checks are required cash payments that shareholders of public traded partnerships receive from the companies as returns under the statute 26 of the US federal law. In other words, it is a legal investment opportunity that does not require payment of taxes. What happens is that if you make an investment in one of the over 550 businesses in the energy industry, then the firms will have to send you back a sum either quarterly or monthly without deduction of income tax.

The specific companies that are favored by this federal law are called Master Limited Partnership firms. They are companies that make tremendous contributions to the oil and natural gas industries. The roles they play in the industry are what make them an exception to taxation from the government. The same exemplification from taxation applies to the shareholders in companies. The only time a shareholder will be required to pay taxes is when he or she sells his or her shares. However, the amount that they will pay in taxation when they sell the shares still does not match the amount that regular shareholders pay in income tax.

This policy was created to insight American investors to invest in the energy industry. The person behind the policy was the former President Nixon. The idea was to maintain the country’s independence by not depending on the outsiders for energy. All this explains the legitimacy of the freedom checks. The checks have the added advantage that they also apply to some institutions in the real estate industry where 90 percent of the profits go to the shareholders. The same principle of the Master Limited Partnership applies.

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The Role of Freedom Checks in Master Limited Partnerships

Freedom checks are any cash payments that come from publicly traded partnerships and are made to the shareholders. Some people think that freedom checks are a scam. That is not true. Sometimes, freedom check seems like a federal program. However, they are not run by the government. People who want to make use of this opportunity should know that this is a tax-free investment that is under the federal law known as Statute 26-F. The primary role of the freedom check is to help very many energy-related businesses in America to send checks to their investors either monthly or quarterly. The monthly or the quarterly freedom checks are almost similar to the traditional stock dividends. The only difference is that they are taken as a return of capital instead of income.

The energy-related businesses that have benefited from freedom checks are referred to as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These firms have a unique tax structure that helps them to payout around ninety percent of their income to the investors and the shareholders. Not every company qualifies as a Master Limited Partnership. To be part of these partnerships, a firm must generate ninety percent of its income from activities such as production, transportation, and exploration of natural resources, mainly oil and gas. As mentioned earlier, the energy business has benefited more from the freedom check.

Using freedom check is very beneficial in terms of returns. With the increased use of freedom check, America has become a financially independent continent. MLP companies explore for new oil and gas wells and transport these natural resources across the extensive pipeline networks. They also refine oil and gas mainly coming from significant gas fields in the United States.

There are very many benefits that come from investing in MLPs. For instance, they are not required to pay federal income tax or the corporate taxes. This tax exemption allows the companies to retain more cash to payout to the shareholders and the investors. The freedom check means that investors looking for income can look for MPLs with attractive yields.

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Meet the Co-founder and the CTO of Stellar Organization; Mr. Jed McCaleb

Mr. Jed McCaleb is an American entrepreneur and a programmer. Apart from co-founding Stellar organization, he is the one who spearheaded the foundation and served as the company’s CTO ripple through to 2013. He is also recognized as the creator of bitcoin exchange Mt. GOX, Overnet networks, eDonkey2000 application and the peer-to-peer eDonkey.

How His Early Life and Career Started

Mr. Jed McCaleb was born in Arkansas and went to the University of California, Berkeley. He later moved to the City of New York. In 2000, he founded Meta Machine Inc. and released eDonkey2000 application. Sam Yagan later linked with him in 2001 and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Jed McCaleb worked as the CTO of that company and went with developing the peer-to-peer eDonkey, the Over networks, and the eDonkey 2000 application. The network, at its best height, grew to get more than 4 million users. In 2007, Jed McCaleb purchased a domain called Mtgox.Com, with the intention of creating a Magic trading site, The Gathering cards. The website became popular within a few months.

His later career

In 2014 according to Coin Telegraph, Mr. Jed McCaleb co-founded a non-profitable organization, the Stellar Developing Foundation, together with his partner, Joyce Kim. With the aim of developing an open source protocol to stellar, the company decided to make it easy in cross-border business transactions through digital currencies. It debuted on 31st July 2014 and got 3 million US dollars loan from the ripple. The inventor of Mt. GOX and stellar CTO is committed, and he is envisioning a blockchain powered single transaction payment system in the whole world. Stellar is an international Blockchain powered setup which uses digital token. Woon Bank from South Korea had already lined up ripple on commercial basis implementation in 2018. Hopefully, by 2028 the company’s blockchain would have a power boost on UniversalPayment Network that would process the payments and also the traditional assets like shares and stocks. Jed Mc Caleb who for long has been a crypto organizer has had his predictions about stellar’s change of technology in future, to the better.


Informative Details about Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, TX

Highland Capital Management is a registered investment adviser that has affiliates with an approximately $15.4 billion of assets. The entity is one of the most experienced equity and credit managers worldwide. Mark Okada and James Dondero founded Highlands in 1993.


Key Operations


The organization has been instrumental in offering alterative investment options for over 20 years. They invests in various asset structures and classes within the numerous landscape like hedge funds, distressed, separate accounts, and special situations private funds, ETFs, mutual finances, and collateralized loan obligations. Their client base comprises of wealth managers, foundations, public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, and corporations, funds of funds, high net-worth individuals, and governments.


Areas of Specification


Highland capital management specializes in credit policies like credit hedge funds, distressed and special-situation individual equity, separate accounts and long-only funds, and collateralized loan obligations. They also have independent departments that provide alternative investments such as emerging markets, natural resources, and short/long equities.


In 2016, the Small Cap Stock Fund helped in generating a remarkable profit to investors of 32%. Michael Gregory is the chief investment officer based in Dallas. He manages over $15.4 billion and supervises the small-cap equity package with Dondero. Gregory led the company in the launching of an alternative investment method that encompasses all of the existing non-traditional and liquid alternative funds. The platform will strengthen their offerings and capability to drive results and provide customized solutions to investors.


Corporate Social Responsibilities


When it comes to community matters, Highland has invested in more than financial markets. They have shown concern through volunteerism, financial donations, and advisory board involvement where their employees work and live. They empower the national nonprofit projects and local community organizations. The firm has committed over $10 million to ventures around the universe since 2005.




They have headquarters in Dallas Texas where they control the operations of other affiliates in New York, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Seoul. The enterprise has created online presence by having a website and other social media accounts. They use these channels to interact with potential customers and investors across the world. You will find their physical addresses and contacts in these pages.