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The Jet-Set: Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter Take Off with App for Private Air Travel

Sergey Petrossov, the 29-year-old entrepreneur who launched  JetSmarter — a service that facilitates connecting people with private aircraft across the globe by enabling travelers to book a private jet by using a mobile app for individual seats or the entire plane — came up with the idea for his new business venture when he flew on a private jet for the first time in 2009. He was amazed, not merely by the luxury but by how inefficient and analog the system of booking a private plane was for the consumer.  

Sergey Petrossov, who was born in Russia and raised since a small child in Florida, considers himself an entrepreneur. His business experience started early. While still in high school, he began an import-export company for automobile tire rims. Then, as a student at the University of Florida, he became interested in computer science and part of a startup for live chatting. “I knew I wanted to go in technology,” he said. Sergey Petrossov’s next business venture was as co-founder of an educational startup for cloud-based software for schools and universities in Russian and Eastern Europe. His next enterprise is the one that really took off to new heights — JetSmarter, which combines Petrossov’s love of aviation and technology.

 JetSmarter was launched through Sergey Petrossov taking a hands-on approach and going to aviation trade shows. “We bootstrapped a small tech team in 2012, built an app, met with industry people, raised a little bit of money, and launched,” the entrepreneur told JetSmarter, which has been nicknamed the Uber for private air travel, facilitates people booking flights anywhere around the world, including private charters or jets shared with other members. Today the company has 14,000 paid members and investors including Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family.

JetSmarter members pay up to $15,000 a year for privileges that range from the ability to schedule flights to taking a journey on a trip with free space. JetSmarter may have found its niche and is valued at $1.5 billion dollars, according to the Miami Herald, and perhaps taking the future of air travel to a whole new level.

Igor Cornelsen Is A Renowned Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investment banker and owner of a reputable investment firm. He worked as an investment banker prior to starting his own firm. Many people turn to him for top-notch guidance and advice on investing and money management.

For some people, trying to find an experienced or reliable investment advisory professional is not an easy task. It can be quite daunting and stressful for those who have no clue how to go about it. You need to go with a professional who has an established history of rendering excellent advice to clients.

A renowned financial planner or investment advisor like Igor Cornelsen can assist his client in selecting an investment vehicle. He can also ensure that his client establishes specific investment objectives or goals, based on his or her current financial situation.

It is advisable to choose an advisor who cares about the success of his or her clients. Although there are many professionals about there providing financial advisory services to clients, you need to keep in mind that not all advisors are created equal.

Consulting an advisor like Igor Cornelsen will improve your chances of achieving the success you desire. Igor Cornelsen can render valuable advice and ensure that understand how things work in the investing arena.

Igor Cornelsen helps beginners to navigate through the complex investing and financial planning systems, and secure their future. He can advise you on retirement issues, savings and checking accounts, investment accounts, and other money management issues.

Igor Cornelsen is aware that a lot of people find it difficult to establish an investment portfolio and he makes it a priority to go over this issue with his clients. If you are a novice and want to get a good understanding of how to proceed, consider getting a consultation with Igor Cornelsen.

Multi-Faceted Matthew Fleeger Enjoys Success Across Industries

Formally known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company often called simply Joint Ventures is the business of exploring, developing and acquiring oil and gas resources in the gulf regions of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger wears the dual hats of CEO and President. He likes to attribute the long success of Joint Venture to the “transparent relationships” he consistently strives to maintain with his accredited partners. For Matthew Fleeger the qualities of “trust,’ “honesty,” and “integrity’ are the foundation of success and good business practice.

A hallmark of the quality company can be measured in years of operation. Join Ventures is a family-owned business founded in 1970. It currently maintains locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. Louisiana is an important area of focus today for the firm. Through partner Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Joint Ventures has been able to secure property rights to hundreds of square miles of production territory in southeastern Louisiana. That includes 3D seismic data. It comprises more than a dozen working wells and 140 defined drilling locations. It all represents some 30 million barrels of oil equivalent reserve potential.

Although he is quick to give credit to those working around him, Matthew Fleeger has been the brain trust who has guided Joint Ventures to be among the most successful enterprises in its region and sector.

He is listed in the International Who’s Who of Business professionals. Matthew Fleeger is widely sought by industry observers for his deep expertise in oil and gas production. But he is also a well-regarded expert in the field of waste management.

He gained that experience as the former founder of MedSolutions, Inc. This is a diversified holding company that specialized in the safe handling and disposal of medical wastes produced by healthcare providers. Fleeger is also known for his extraordinary success in the tanning industry. He developed the world-renowned Mystic Tan brand.

Stream Energy partners on other Organizations

Stream Energy has always been involved in a significant amount of philanthropic efforts since being founded over a decade ago. Throughout this time, the Dallas-based energy provider has helped raise much-needed funds and awareness for quite a diverse range of causes. Now, however, the company is looking for further advance these charitable causes with the formation of Stream Cares, a subsidiary that will focus on the overall company’s charitable efforts. While corporate philanthropy is common, this is one of the few occasions where a company has gone to such great lengths to advance their efforts.

Since being founded, Stream Energy has let its independent distributorsdecide which causes the energy giant should be involved in. This is chiefly because these distributors are local to the area and know what the community cares about most, as well as what the biggest issues facing the region are. Because of that, Stream Energy has continually sought to hear from everyone in the community that it serves. This was on show in the aftermath of the likes of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina, both of which caused extensive damage across Texas. However, Stream partnered with both Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to provide aid to as many people as possible. These partnerships have been going strong for several years.

However, perhaps one of the most notable philanthropic efforts that Stream Energy has been involved in has been the issue of homelessness. This is something that has, unfortunately, been on the rise in the greater Dallas area, which prompted the energy provider to launch into action. As a result, it partnered with the Hope Supply Co. to provide funding and resources to many homeless people in the area. This partnership has been growing for the past several years, with Stream Energy continually donating to those in need. On top of this, the company has also been repeatedly involved in the charity’s annual Splash for Hope event.

This not only raises some much-needed funds for the Hope Supply Co, but Stream Energy has also helped to provide access for 1,000 homeless children to a waterpark in the area. Furthermore, a significant amount of supplies are given out throughout the day.

Nitin Khanna: A Technology Expert with a Special Mission

Successful entrepreneurs have some unique features. In most cases, these individuals are innovative, and they can quickly transform their ideas into powerful businesses. Nitin Khanna is the perfect description of a modern investor who has achieved so much in his career life. Nitin Khanna is currently the chief executive officer of an institution known as Merger Tech. The company is doing well in the technology market. Its founder has been in the tech industry for decades, and he has paid a vital role in helping it to grow. Apart from being very successful in business, Nitin Khanna is a leader in the Indian community. There are millions of people who look up to him whenever they need any help in business and real-life situations. The philanthropist shared his story in one of the popular websites.

What motivated Nitin Khanna to venture into business

Although Nitin Khanna is based in the United States at the moment, he was born and also raised in India. His parents took him to boarding schools in his country. His dad was in the army, and he ensured that the family did not lack anything. The technology expert noticed that the rest of his family was into business, and he loved the idea of starting his business in the future. When Nitin Khanna got a chance to travel and settle in the US, he realized that he had an opportunity to study and also acquire business skills in the best environment. By the time he was getting his masters in industrial engineering, Nitin Khanna was ready for a chance to prove his skills in the market.

In the year 1999, one of Nitin Khanna’s brother arrived in the United States. The brothers joined forced and started their first company. The software firm was known as Saber Software, and it did well in just a short time. The brothers won many contracts because they had managed to come up with ideal election software for the vast nation. Although the businessman has enjoyed so much success, he believes that he failed sometimes, but he learned from these episodes instead of giving up.

Read about Khanna’s new venture here

Paul Mampilly- The Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly, an American investor and former hedge fund manager, was born in India to a struggling family. Despite the hardships he faced during his childhood, he pursued education at attained his MBA in 1996 from Fordham University.

Paul Mampilly kicked off his career on Wall Street where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust in 1991. Soon, it became clear that his unique talents would propel him quickly through the ranks. In fact, he eventually held a prominent position at Deutsche and ING where he was responsible for managing multi-million dollar accounts. In 2006, Paul was recruited to manage the hedge fund for a $6 billion firm named Kinetics Asset Management. He soon managed to increase the firm’s assets to $25 billion.

Some of his most notable clients have been European aristocracy, Swiss private banks, the Templeton Foundation, and several fortune 500 companies. Among his unique talents, is Paul Mampilly’s ability to pinpoint small businesses with unique and promising business models. He has shared his knowledge with many people when he worked as a Hedge Fund Consultant and Financial Advisory Editor.

Eventually, Paul Mampilly shifted his interest from Wall Street to help everyday people make money from their investments. Today, he serves as the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Through his writings, he tries to teach Main Street Americans how to make wealth through technology, investing and many other special opportunities. In fact, he is the founder of the newsletter named Profits Unlimited. This newsletter acts as a subscriber’s guide into stocks.

Aside from his job as a senior editor, Paul also manages two major trading services True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He is also the man behind a weekly column- Winning Investor Daily which is the firm’s newsletter. Paul Mampilly is also the founder of The Capuchin Group where he served as the editor, author, and publisher. Moreover, he has been featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and in 2008, he won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition for his $50 million portfolio.

Paul Mampilly’s : Twitter

Jason Hope Goes on with His Focus on Supporting the Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Jason Hope commands respect and popularity as one of the most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who is known to be selfless when it comes to creating their time in helping people with special needs. He started working with SENSE Foundation questing for agelessness, sharing his idea about what is happening around the industry of anti-aging today. He went on to shade some light that his involvement in the anti-aging sector is not about to live forever, but it is about making a better, longer and quality life. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

About Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Rejuvenation Biotechnologies in conjunction with SENSE Foundation work on their promises to give what a lot of people have been longing for and hoping to get one day, which is to be eternally young. The foundation has done tremendous work on this program for many years, which has made the people behind the organization trust the closeness to their success.

His Philanthropic Activities

Jason Hope got involved with SENSE Foundation when he started supporting it in 2010, where he donated a considerable sum of monetary fund ranging to 500,000 dollars to help in the laboratory aimed at innovation and research of anti-aging. Since then, he has always offered his continued participation in giving regular donations, which has added up to over 1 million dollars. He has also taken part in many innovative and technological issues which have led to new trends that have found success around the business world. He is also renowned as one among the leading futurists in the United States

His Educational Background

Jason Hope hails from Arizona’s Scottsdale. He went to the University of Arizona State to take up a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He would later enrol for a postgraduate degree in Business in the same University. Due to his passion for business, he achieved a lot within a few years and developed his reputation internationally. With his competence, Jason Hope is recognized as an influential leader who has mentored so many young people who had intentions to join the corporate world. Working together with other researchers like Dr de Grey, Jason Hope continues to seek for answers relating to anti-aging measures.



Michael Hagele: Riding Bikes and Attorneying

Michael Hagele is an investor in technology companies. Michael received his law degree from the University of California found in Berkeley. He is also a graduate of the University of Lowa where he learned Business Administration. He serves in areas such as defense, internet, aerospace, and biotechnology industries. He also invests in early-stage technology companies.

He is the initiator and a stakeholder of firms, hospitality and restaurant industries. He is a hardworking man to draft, negotiate and also close numerous contracts in both domestic telecommunication and also international fields. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

He has taken control of various corporate transactions, commercial agreements and also intellectual property right issues. Earlier Michael worked as a general legal counsel. He also took the place of serving as an in-house Attorney. He was in a position to handle issues like mergers, governance and also employment.

Due to his experience as an independent attorney and also as somebody who works wholly for a company he learned some things. He realized that minor practices could give customers a better service. It is the main way of providing inexpensive and superior services to customers.

According to Michael Hagele, it is better to take a break and start thinking of possible solutions to your problems. He also clarifies that giving up does not help in any way. He firmly believes that tenacity is the main thing to bring an idea to life. He also says that to be in business one must use artificial intelligence and even use its various applications like genetic programming.

Michael Hagele also emphasizes on doing some exercise to help relieve your body and clear your mind too. This will recharge and also improve one’s mind. He made it clear that one can connect with the clients personally through social media. He advised entrepreneurs to give clients their priority in business. He also says that one needs to be thoughtful of the customer’s interests.

As an entrepreneur, one needs to merge with people who have interests in the success of the business. Promoting equal participation in the company can boost it much. The entrepreneur also has encouraged business operators to read a book by the title Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:


A Look At How Ara Chackerian Makes Ideas Come To Life

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based businessman. He has started new companies, been an angel investor, and is heavily into philanthropy. His company is called ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, and he is the managing partner. His focus is on creating and investing in startup healthcare firms. Among his businesses is TMS Health Solutions for which he has a place on their board of directors. This company helps people with treatment resistant depression receive help through transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Ara has now been involved in the healthcare field for over two decades. Among the companies he has helped build from the ground up are Mint Medical Education, Pipeline RX, and the aforementioned TMS Health Solutions. He is also invested in Limonapa, SA which is a business in Nicaragua that has a sustainable Teak plantation. Among the nonprofits he has helped over the years are Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua. He is a 2001 graduate of the College of Business at Florida State University. Check out to know more.




Talk therapy and medication have long been the hallmarks of psychiatric care. Along with his longtime business partner, Ara Chackerian wanted to add a third pillar for those people who are not helped by these two forms of treatment. They also had 10 years of experience in running out-patient diagnostic radiology centers which they could draw upon to make this a success. TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)is not widely known and the vast majority of people in the country don’t have access to it. Ara Chackerian and his business partner wanted to change this by introducing TMS Health Solutions which now has offices in seven locations in the Bay Area.

One of Ara Chackerian’s basic tenets is that ideas are a result of life experiences. Ara says that by engaging in life with a fully conscious awareness you will have great ideas come to you. He says that this way of thinking was introduced to him by his parents when he was growing up. They encouraged him to fully experience life and thinking hard about his experiences so that he could fully learn from them. Visit


Adam Milstein: Protecting the Rights of the State of Israel

There is a growing anti-Semitic sentiment around the world today, and in the United States alone, the percentage of attacks against the Jewish people is at a record high. According to Adam Milstein, Israelis living around the world must consider this as a threat, and they would have to fight for their country once their enemies have decided that the State of Israel must be erased from the map. He has been working with other pro-Israel groups and to tackle these issues and point out a possible solution to how it can be stopped. The Jewish people had experienced a massive blow during the Second World War when millions of them were mercilessly killed all throughout Europe. Adam Milstein stated that he no longer wants to see a future world being engulfed in hatred and wars. He has been appealing with those who wanted to help the State of Israel, and Adam Milstein did not get disappointed with the huge amount of messages and posts that he received after he announced his worries about the hatred against the Jews.

To counter the fear against a rising superpower that could someday attack them, Adam Milstein has to ally with other groups. Together, they formed one of the largest Israeli-American gatherings in the world, and he would speak with other members of the society, trying to look for others who are supportive of what the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, wanted to do for his country. When he is not writing his articles, Adam Milstein would always get hold of his portfolio and look at his stocks and other investments. He believes that one should also save while they are receiving money. Spending in on something they do not need would only cause the money to stay inside the house.

Adam Milstein has been known all through the Jewish World as one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneur in his chosen field. Sometimes, people would always look up into him and will be amazed at how great his accomplishments are presented. He wished for a more stable world economy, and through his dream, he managed to become a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.