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William Saito: The Success of a Biometric Software Innovator

William Saito’s success in life is an example of what a person can do when they are persistent to succeed. Being a first-generation American born to Japanese parents, William Saito struggled to learn English. This barrier though did not stop Mr. Saito from wanting to learn how computers and technology worked; his curiosity on how things function was the driving force that made him successful in high school, college and innovator in software security.

William Saito curiosity in wanting to know the inner workings of things made by technology started at a very early age in life. At age ten William Saito landed his first internship in computer programming and by the time he was in college he was starting his first software firm out of his dorm room, becoming I/O Software. His success in life began when his parents bought his first personal computer for 5,000 dollars to boost his math and science skills. His addiction to how things worked led him to take apart his computer and learn how to put a computer back together, thus developing and expanding his inner knowledge of computer and software development.

Teaching himself computer programing, by the time he was in high school, William Saito was able to land an internship with Merrill Lynch. The company needed someone to write simple computer programs for their stock offerings, so over the course of two years William Saito would arrive at the Burbank Merrill Lynch office with stacks of paper and would work with the company’s stockbrokers verifying all of the complicated financial calculations.

With the success that William Saito was having in high school, it was evident that he would become a successful computer programmer in college, thus creating I/O Software and becoming a CEO by the time he finished his college education. With the success that William Saito was having with I/O Software, Sony approached the company to develop a product that would integrate biometric data. During this time in the

early 2000s is when William Saito revolutionized security software for computers by creating and developing fingerprint scanners. The invention of the fingerprint scanner was a massive success, earning William Saito in 1997 the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young.