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Jeff Yastine Discusses Kennedy Accounts

For those in the business of stocks and market exchange, Jeff Yastine is a relatively familiar name. He describes himself as a former financial journalist who has worked with numerous financial experts, entrepreneurs, stock market experts and investment advisors. Not only was he interested in interviewing these individuals but he was also keen to derive helpful and meaningful business and investment ideas from them. Therefore, Jeff Yastine qualifies to be an expert in providing some of the most basic trading advice to different investment managers. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

An alumnus of the prestigious University of Florida, he graduated with honors and landed a job in one of the world’s leading journalism companies. Consequently, he managed to build an excellent working rapport that in turn, saw him interacting with competent and world-wide entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is important to note that the first working opportunity that Yastine had was from the Raleigh-Durham area located in North Carolina.

As life would put it on him, Yastine continued to explore his career options by working in different markets with the same mission of finding out how business was run under different entrepreneurial microscopes. That is why he decided to join one company featuring the Nightly Business Report. He worked as a senior correspondent and took advantage of the fact that he received a considerable number of viewership from American and other continents.


Well, Yastine has been lucky to work with some of the world’s recognized entrepreneurs including Warren Buffet, the famous billionaire and business professionals and Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computers. From that moment, he decided to set a straight path in industry by learning the various market shifts in the stock exchange. Consequently, he landed numerous business deals as an investment advisor. Some of these deals have since defined his career path, and now, he works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Recently, Jeff Yastine shared an investment idea with Americans. He calls it the Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts. This idea is based on an investment idea that John F Kennedy came up with in his tenure. This investment is entirely different from the others that include the stock exchange in that an individual does not have to seek the input of a broker. Instead, there is a company that issues these shares. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

The Kennedy Accounts have been here for some time. They offer its users the following benefits;

The buyer pays lower fees. This means that the Kennedy Accounts are relatively affordable

The buyer does not have to part with a commission as they are bought directly from the issuing company

The Jeff Kennedy Accounts come with more significant dividends