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Sujit Choudhry’s “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition”

Earlier this year, May 9th specifically, Territory and Power in Constitutional Transition was published on Amazon. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is considered a vital academic read for those interested in the vast and varient workings of the Law, specifically. The reason for this being that the book contains a collection of essays, seventeen in total, that survey the range of challenges that territorial conflicts can pose for the constitution-making processes and constitutional design. How indepth does the book go? Well, the case studies cover countries going through intense constitutional engagement periods in a variety of contexts such as bi-communal countries, small distinct countries, and highly diverse countries. Examplses are often drawn from countries like Kenya, Spain, Scotland, South Africa, and many others. The collection prides itself on policy recommendations through a realist lens.

Where do Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson fit into this? Well, they stand as editors to the collection and had additonally released a companion policy paper with the goal of providing insight into the constitution-making process and offer advice. The two speak from experience, as Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions and has assisted in the constitution building for such countries as Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine, Sri Lanka alongside other a variety of other countries. Anderson has experience as a former deputy minister for the Canadian government. Anderson is also the former CEO for the Forum of Federations. Currently he works at the Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University.

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Sujit Choudhry – Helping ake Changes Even During Dangerous Situations

Sujit Choudhry is a globally acclaimed lawyer, speaker and author in the field of constitution building and comparative law. He has been active in the field for over three decades and has the strong belief that comparative law is one of the underused laws in today’s date while being highly relevant in modern times. He is often consulted by the governments of different countries across the globe regarding constitution building and reformation and has also participated in the constitution building process of numerous countries, including Sri Lanka, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, and others.

He has written and spoken on many critical global issues, including Catalan secession, middle-east crisis, and political situation in Ukraine. The inputs provided by Sujit Choudhry has been widely admired and taken for consideration by many governments to resolve their ongoing crisis in countries like Sri Lanka and Ukraine. Sujit Choudhry is also the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, one of the most notable organizations helping create awareness in the field of law about comparative law and its importance worldwide. Sujit Choudhry is also one of the first people of Indian origin to become the dean of the top law college in the United States, the Berkeley Law College.

Sujit Choudhry is not afraid to face challenges, and it is the reason why he was one of the experts to visit Sri Lanka in 2003 when it was facing problems from ethnic groups. Since he has expertise in the cultures around the world, he was asked to accompany a group of experts to help solve the problems. During that time he had to travel to remote places in Sri Lanka where they were often checked by guards with guns. But, Sujit always stood for the rights of people and wanted to do the same no matter how hard it was.

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The Best Lawyers in America recognizes Todd Levine once again

Todd Levine and his team at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, and P.L. in Miami, Florida have once again been recognized for their contribution to the legal profession. The award came from The Best Lawyers in America, a group that publishes an annual list of the top ranked attorneys in every category. The 2019 list had several surprises, but for these experienced lawyers, their place was almost guaranteed. It is because they have featured prominently in several high- profile cases.

Categories won by the team

Known as one of the best commercial and real estate litigation attorneys countrywide, Todd Levine emerged top in that category. However, he is not the only attorney that won an award at the firm. His other colleagues were recognized for family law, entertainment law, securities and capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to that, there were more awards in the banking and finance sectors. It was a show of how he firm has brought together a team of lawyers that can provide diverse services to their customers.

Happy to be awarded

After receiving the awards, Todd Levine and his colleagues released a statement saying that they were happy to be recognized by The Best Lawyers in America. They pointed out that such recognition is an attestation to the commitment that they have always shown when it comes to improving the legal profession. The team said that they will continue improving the quality of their services, and they will always protect their reputation.

An alumnus of the University Of Florida Levin College Of Law, Todd Levine has built an amazing career in commercial and real estate litigation for over 27 years. He also studied finance at the same university, and this knowledge has helped him to establish himself as one of the best attorneys that America has ever seen.

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Rick Cofers Contributions to a Fair Judicial Approach to Juvenile Cases

According to thenewsversion, the scope of cases differs, depending on the age of the people involved. For the juvenile cases, the proceedings are complex, primarily on the defense side. Cofer believes that this should not be the case, especially in a country with strong views on equality and adherence to the rule of law. He, however, acknowledges that complexity is a product of different realities in the legal world.

He points out that this view on juvenile cases is wrong on the following accounts. First, the legal world should acknowledge that young people are still in the developmental stages. Although this view should not justify the crimes, Rick Cofer believes that it should instead give them a fair hearing. Second, he believes that young people are a product of what is happening in their homes, and this reality should direct the judges to give sentences that have a ‘human face.’

Some of the reasons why he is passionate about this legal forte include the following. First, he has an unmatched understanding of different legal niches, but Rick Cofer is more passionate about children rights — especially from a deference perspective. He believes that committing a crime should not be a ticket to condemnation, but a chance to rebuild life and change ways. In the period he has practiced law, the burden of helping young people get ideal legal representation has also been dear to him.

Second, he is also passionate about the future of young people — especially those that have fallen out of the prescribed social expectations. Rick Cofer Law has confidence in giving the young people a chance to rebuild their lives and more importantly, continue to be the change agents. His inspirations are becoming a reality — thanks to his passion of defending the people on legal proceedings. In Austin, people associate him with second chances and hope for the young people.

Lastly, the legal think tank is also passionate about the environment, especially protecting the natural resources around his community in Austin. Through the sustainability projects, Rick Cofer believes that the future of his community will not only be safe, but the current projects will create a good precedent around the preservation debate. Apart from creating awareness around preservation, he is also passionate about creating better parks and renovating the older ones.

UNIDROIT helps the World to make Sense of Nations Laws

Laws are extremely important to the world. They help to keep order within a nation and they also inform foreign powers about how they should interact with a sovereign state. There are well 196 different countries on the Earth today and each of them have their own set of laws and regulations. Trying to understand these laws is very challenging.


One way that governments make sense of these many different laws is by using an organization that specializes in comparative law services. The name of the international organization that provides this type of service is UNIDROIT.

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UNDROIT stands for the intergovernmental organization on harmonization of private international law. This organization is headquartered within Rome, Italy and it was started in 1926 as a small arm of the former League of Nations.


Based on, the purpose of the organization is to help nations to make sense of the many different laws that are in operation around the world. Many of the leading nations on the globe are members of this organization. This includes Canada, China, Japan and Australia.


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They often have international conventions where they draft model laws and provide information about various laws related to commerce, military conduct and international travel.


Many people who are involved within the legal field understand the importance of UNIDROIT. One such person is Sujit Choudhry. He is a leading law professor at the University of Berkley. Sujit Choudhry specializes in constitutional comparative law.  Check on


Sujit understands the legal field and has been working hard for years in this area. He realizes that constitutions and governing laws of a land is very complicated. This is especially true for various countries that have a uniquely different legal structure than countries in the west.


Keep in mind that many western countries even have a legal matrix that is uniquely different from one another.  Sujit Choudhry realizes that these differences are very profound and even confusing. Just because certain countries have some things in common; this does not mean that their legal structures will be exactly the same.


UNIDROIT helps governments of the world to make sense of the differing legal arrangement that has been set up by each country. International businesses, military forces, industries, travel organizations and energy corporations all over the world.

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All of these organizations and many more must have a solid knowledge about how to conduct business and to perform their operations within overseas territories. They also must have this knowledge to adjust their legal perspective to accommodate other nations as well. Without the services of UNIDROIT, the legal complexities that are involved within international business will be much more complex and challenging.  Continue reading on



Comparative Law with Sujit Choudhry

Trying to mention comparative law without Sujit’s name not coming up is difficult because he is the most renowned individual who has researched wide about this topic. But what is comparative law generally putting aside Sujit’s work? Comparative law is by definition the study of foreign law; a comparison between different legal systems is done. Aspects like tax policies, human rights, labor policies and taxation aspects are studied and compared, and through it one gains insight and broad knowledge on how to improve various things. With the current global interconnection of different nations, comparative law helps people understand the foreign legal policies and, thus, make better decisions when conducting businesses or even importing or exporting human labor.  Based on


The knowledge of comparative law is, thus, a very useful tool of unifying nations or even regions. It also enhances better trade relationships and is a channel through which human rights are upheld. Each country that is involved in this study is able to perfect or improve their legal system by borrowing the right and useful ideas from other democracies while discarding the wrong policies.


Sujit’s View

The Michael Heyman Professor of Law and former Dean of Berkeley law in his research addresses the constitutional design as a tool to address violent democracies to transition them into peaceful democracies. He also discusses the constitutional context when changing from an authoritarian type of governance to a democratic rule. Sujit Choudhry’s works address the methodology of applying comparative constitution law to solve existing conflicts and enhance democracy. He has published a lot of articles and books, which can even be found on Amazon for those who would like to understand comparative law more broadly. Sujit has worked as a foreign constitutional expert to aid peaceful transitions in countries like Tunisia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Libya among others. In Canada, he played a big role in implementing major reforms to the municipal government of Toronto.


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Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Harvard University, Oxford University, and University of Toronto. He has practiced his law career when he worked as a clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer during his service in the Supreme Court of Canada. He further practiced law as a consultant to the World Bank institute as a law professor at Michael Hayman and finally as a Dean .He is also known as the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transition, which is a unique university based center that offers a platform for mobilizing knowledge in support of constitution building.   Check and Read more here.