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When Life Hands you Lemons

Two years ago, an electrical fire destroyed the home of the De Le Sala family in Lutz, Florida. Contractors were hired to fix much of the house, but builders never finished their work, instead they took the money and left.
The De Le Sala children, Alyssa and Damien, set out to help their parents through this extraordinarily tough time by having a lemonade and baked good stand set up. Ten year old Alyssa wrote about her family’s struggles to a local radio station, who broadcasted the lemonade stand event on air.
This lemonade stand brought in both complete strangers as well as some of the first responders to their house fire. Deputies reached out to local businesses within the community and soon the lemonade stand was a hit with people giving hundreds of dollars for a cup of lemonade.
In just one day, the children raised nearly $15,000, a huge shock to Gianfrancesco Genoso and Teses as the children were merely trying to help raise their parents’ spirits.