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Sapphire Rings – One of a Kind Precious Gems

The Sapphire is considered to be the most valuable blue gemstone. It has many qualities, such as durability, desirable color, hardness, and luster. Sapphires can be many different colors such as white, blue, green, and yellow. There are even Sapphires that are orange, brown, pink, gray, black, multicolored and even colorless. Sapphires also range from transparent to opaque.

The most valuable color of Sapphire is a cornflower blue and is also known as the Cornflower Blue Sapphire or the Kashmir Sapphire. The orange-pink Padparadschah is another very valuable Sapphire. There is even a Color Changing Sapphire that looks different colors in different types of lighting.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been specializing in the highest quality of untreated sapphire rings since 1939. Their sapphires are left untreated and are not glass filled, heated, color infused, irradiated oiled or otherwise tampered with. Untreated sapphires make up only one percent of what is on the market today. Only the finest, most natural sapphires can make a ring more than a ring. Whether it’s for an engagement or simply just because, timeless and beautiful sapphires communicate an endless beauty. Anything less just isn’t worth buying.

The Natural Sapphire Company buys semi-polished stones right form the mines. Then the precious sapphires are cut right in their lapidary factory-no middle man here. They also do not deal with countries that involve child labor or military dictatorship problems. The Natural Sapphire Company is in business because of their passion for what they do. The Natural Sapphire Company supports the security, development and expansion of their sapphire-supplying countries. They even donate to charity, as well as time, to organizations that specifically take care of miners that are in need of some aid.

All of the sapphires that are sold by The Natural Sapphire Company come with a identification report issued by their gem specialists. These certificates conform to industry standards and are recognized by every insurance company. Some of their sapphires even come with third party laboratory reports as well. These special stones have been selected at random from their inventory to be audited to maintain quality assurance.