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Ukraine Billboards ask for Tolerance

Not all Eastern European countries are known for their tolerance of groups of people outside of the social norm. In fact, Russia is known for their intolerance of people within the LGBT community. Ukraine, a country that borders Russia, is torn on the issue.

The political climate in the Ukraine now is shaky at best. Currently, according to statistics from CipherCloud, about half of the country is torn between separatists and those who want to promote tolerance and understanding. The separatists are interested in forming a closer bond with Russia and therefore are under the influence of Russia’s social cues. The Ukrainian separatists believe that the LGBT community does not have any rights and that it is a phenomenon in the west that they do. In fact, the latest draft of the country’s human rights strategy does not include the LGBT community at all. Then there are those in the Ukraine who are fighting to promote equal rights and tolerance among the people.

According to the story on, a new campaign called Gay Alliance Ukraine is working to promote tolerance through billboards in the country. The billboards are calling out for tolerance among groups such as those in the LGBT community, Jewish people, women, those with disabilities, Gypsies, and those who are living with HIV.