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Millionaire uses wealth to care for 75 orphans

A lot of us will have a list of things to buy if we ever received a million dollars. Folks at the Aspire New Brunswick Upscale living think we would more than likely buy a new house, car, or even make financial investments. One Chinese woman, by the name of Li Lijuan, showed the world that you can really change a lot of lives with millions of dollars.

Li Lijuan acquired her wealth by investing in coal mining. By the 1980s she was a millionaire and in 1994 she started to use her money to house children that were abandoned by their parents or whose parents have died. Year after year she continued to adopt orphans while using her millions to care for them. Nineteen years later, she has adopted and taken care of 75 orphans.

The closing of the coal mine and the expenses associated with raising 75 orphans took a toll on Lijuan’s savings. The now 46-year-old has found herself in £200,000 in debt. Though in debt, she still manages to care for the children she has adopted by selling properties and other valuables. Some charities have also provided small monetary assistance to help Lijuan. Some individuals have volunteered to give Lijuan’s children new homes but due to the laws in China, Lijuan was made to refuse such offers.

Lijuan not only struggle financially but also physically. In 2011 she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Hopefully, more charities will come forward that will help Lijuan continue her journey of being a great parent to her children.