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Bernardo Chua Offers Health Benefits

Organo Gold is a health-oriented company that was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, an individual who is highly respected within the business community. Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold with the intention of spreading knowledge of his special ingredient, Ganoderma, throughout the four corners of the world. Along the road to success, Bernardo Chua has shared his success with thousands to even millions of people along the way. Bernardo Chua’s company is unique and has used the cost effective system of distribution for the purpose of involving the consumers with selling this product. By doing this, this allows for those who would like a job or who would like to earn extra cash to now become a part of the Organo Gold family. The only requirement to become involved with Organo Gold is to truly love the product.

On Facebook, Bernardo announced Organo Gold has grown exponentially over the past eight years. In 2012, Organo Gold was opened up branches of the company in 13 different countries. In present day, Organo Gold has over 35 opened branches of the company that are located all over the world. One of the most recently opened branches of the company is located in Turkey. Bernardo Chua is excited for opening up this new branch because it now marks a direct access between Asia and Europe. The entire mission of the company is to spread education of the importance of healthy living through the simple gesture of selling this inexpensive yet delicious product.

The secret behind Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold’s success is the incorporation of Ganoderma into the product. This herb is often found in China and was discovered by Bernardo Chua during his travels abroad. Since discovering this life changing herb, Bernardo Chua has been able to center his success around this herb. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to induce many health benefits. Some of these health benefits include weight loss, an improvement in the sleeping cycle, among many other benefits. Consumers of this product have made this product their number one choice when in competition with many other top quality products that are offered around the world.  Follow Bernardo on Twitter @OGBernie.

George Mason University Benefits Greatly from Charles Koch’s Generosity

Multi-billionaire Charles Koch has over the years shown his philanthropic side and proved to care deeply about the welfare of the society. The presidential candidate has given out millions of dollars to different schools and colleges every year. One of his beneficiaries is the powerhouse George Mason University. The university has created a name for itself in the field of economics and law. George Mason University has partnered with Koch and in turn benefited greatly from his generosity. In 2011 to 2014 for example, the university received close to $48 million from the Charles Koch Foundation. As much as Koch gives more than $20million dollars every year to different universities in the US, none has ever received more than $1million in a year. From this finding, it is not only clear that Charles Koch is philanthropic and cares deeply about education but that also George Mason has benefited hugely from Koch’s generosity.

Critics may claim that Koch is doing so to advance his political ideologies by entrapping the university through the funding given to it. This is not true as the Koch’s representatives deny this to be untrue. The generosity comes without having any conditions. Charles Koch is not the only billionaire who donates to universities. In his defense, billionaires like Phil Knight who is the co-founder of Nick Inc. gave a scholarship of $400 million to Stanford University. The funds given by Koch help in filling the gap created by the dwindling public support. The support given by the likes of Koch go a long way in furtherance of education in the country. The beauty of it all is that they do not just give their financial support but their time as well. Koch offers his support without necessarily being an alma matter of the university. The grant given prohibits Mercatus from using the money given to influence legislation generally. The senator in Fairfax where the main campus of the university is situated has no problem with Koch providing financial aid to the university as it leads to the furtherance of the intellectual policy goals put in place.

Charles Koch has received quite a number of awards one of which is an Honorary Doctorate of Science from George Mason University. He received President’s Medal in 2014 from Wichita State University and the Spirit of Justice Award awarded by The Heritage Foundation just to mention but a few awards. The successful businessman and known philanthropist co-owns Koch Industries with his brother. Ranked as the sixth richest person in the whole world, he has an estimated net worth of around $34billion dollars. Charles is the chairman and CEO of the Koch industries serving with his brother David Koch who is the Executive Vice President. They inherited the business from their father and they deal with among other products, oil refining, chemicals, ranching and forest and consumer products. He is known to have classical liberal political views and was initially identified as a libertarian. He radically opposes corporate welfare. His kindness has gone a long way to helping many in the community he lives in and beyond.

Eucatex – A Leading Producer of High Technology Furniture Products

Eucatex is one of the well-known paint producers and is currently the seventh largest in Brazil with a market share of three percent according to analysis from market experts. It did not take long for a company to reach the pinnacle of success as compared to other companies in the industry. The company started way back in 1951 but started its activities in 1954 in Salto. As a way to improve and maintain the environment, Eucatex came up with a brilliant idea that no company had ever thought of; using eucalyptus wood fibers as raw materials. Eucatex utilized eucalyptus in its production of linings and insulating as well as in the manufacture of ceiling tiles and panels. The incipient of Eucatex was Americana Sawmill Americana that was founded in 1923 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Over the years, Eucatex has thrived in producing quality paints and fiberboards to clients around the world. The leading paint producer grew rapidly and has been able to diversify its offices across the world from representative offices in Brazilian capitals and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The company also increased its production capacity back in 1965 and exported its ceiling tiles and panels to Europe. It advanced in operations and embarked on producing new hardboard mill and a Metal Industrial Unit in Salto and Barueri (SP) respectively. Today, Eucatex produces Plates, Paints and Varnishes and exports its products to more than 50 countries. The company oversees its operations through representative offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Holland and Germany.

As president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has been able to make significant upgrades and advancements in the company such as the launch of another factory in 1994 in Salto as well as the development in its laboratories with a full line of paints and varnishes. Mr. Flavio’s reign in leadership has been a vital element for the success of the company. He started working for Eucatex in 1987 but became president in 1997; after his skills had matured to an extent, he could lead the company. It was through Flavio’s incomparable expertise that brought the company to spotlight and gained international recognition.

Under his leadership, the company advanced in terms of technology and in 2010, a new T-HDF/MDF line was installed and manufactured high technology and mechanical resistance panels. Four years ago the company celebrated its 60th anniversary as a market leader and a principal manufacturer in hardboards, MDP and MDF panels, laminate floors and paints in Brazil. The company has also received various awards and accolades to acknowledge their endeavors. Some of these date back in 1997, where the company was awarded the National Confederation of Storekeepers and Directors-Coating and Partitions Category among others over the years.

Learn More About Highland Capital Management

This is an investment banking that manages hedge funds as well as offering distressed and structured investments to its clients. The firm invests in public equity and securities, financial markets, high yielding stocks and bonds and also fixed income. The firm was co-founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. Both partners later formed a Protective Life Insurance Corporation that has specialty in managing secured credits and fixed income markets. This plan evolved and later Protective Asset Company was formed in 1997.

Highland Capital Management is located in Texas, but it has other offices in Asia and Europe. In 2014, the firm had asset worth about $20 billion under management. The company has an experience of 20 years of service delivery to retail and institutional investors. The company has a broad network of clients like high net-worth persons, corporations, government agencies and financial institutions. The company enables Investors to pursue new opportunities by offering high quality products and services as well as shielding their capital.

The goal of Highland Capital Management is to focus on different asset classes which would help investors to access specific assets or get advice on the best investment process to follow. The firm has ability to conduct comprehensive due diligence since it has focused and qualified professionals. These professionals will conduct analysis based on investors’ abilities and the market trends across the industry. They are committed and dedicated towards the needs of our clients thus ensuring they are satisfied appropriately.

The President of Highland Capital Management is called James Dondero who resides in Dallas, TX. Mr. Dondero has requisite experience in public equity and financial markets that focuses on high yielding and structured investment plans. He is philanthropic and has been supporting several programs and initiatives in the public and education affairs. He is the chairman of a number of institutions like CCS Medical and Cornerstone Health as well as a member of MGM Studios in America.

Highland Capital Market offers numerous investment strategies that would yield returns in a similar way to equity within an entire market formation. This company is known for its potential and capabilities towards investment hence we are able to reveal our excellent performance and consistency over different market environments. The company is ready to receive and support any investor interested in investing in any of our fields of specialty.

The company’s objective is to provide risk management options to our clients. We rely on market trends and macroeconomic survey to allocate capital to different risk areas. Highland Capital Management is the best investment firm offering quality, reliable and efficient investment plans to all qualified investors. Each client is approached in a unique way depending on their needs and qualification.

Investment Legend Steve Murray

Business gains in the current world are best seen through investment. It has been evolving around the globe. The concept of investment is about the accumulation of enough savings, and identification of the right opportunities. It should be done with a systematic and proven model. Poor lifestyle is one of the things that divert people away from investing. Through the focus on the future development, proper opportunities are identified and investment implemented. Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, which is abbreviated as CCMP, is an investment firm that is located in New York. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a famous legend who worked as an adviser.

He was also a chief executive officer and president of the investment firm. Besides, in the 1980s, he studied business administration at Columbia Business School, and later earned a master’s degree. Due to his professionalism, he served as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 2005, he founded an investment capital that had allotted to equity partners. It led to the growth of the firm. In 2007, he was named CEO of CCMP Capital. Additionally, Murray had many other responsibilities in several companies namely; Aramark, Warner Chiclott, and Vitain Shoppe.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was also a sponsor at certain foundations such as, ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ at Boston College. Early 2015 saw Murray talk about his investment firm in the media. Steve was a man with ambition, and undertook lots of strategic investments. He laid down all strategies of the company and the ways they could be achieved. On one his submissions on the media, he reiterated the plans to hire more operating partners were underway, and it was an action he had the commitment.

However, Steve was found dead in his home just a month after leaving CCMP Capital. At 52 years, Steve had achieved so much. Also, so much property and investments were to his name. The ideas he shared with the woman remain with the companies. In fact, the majority of the companies are running on his innovative ideas. The CCMP family missed his services as the pillar of the organization. The CCMP Chairman stated that; they had lost an investor, and a deal maker who loved his career as a private investor. He died at his home in Stamford. Steve left behind a wife and sons. CCMP was affected by his demise. Consequently, media reports indicated panic from the investors. The investors had to make a tough decision on his absence.

CCMP Capital has become a better company with his services. Steve strongly supported the idea of diversifying investment to the different industries. His high character and ability to express an opinion has been a pillar of his success. As a young man, Steve always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur.


Making a living as an economists can be filled with lots of highs and lows. Economists do everything from investment and trading to looking at supply and demand. If you apply yourself, it can actually be an exciting career path. Just ask Christian Broda. There are some lows; but, for the most part, his life is filled with lots of highs. Christian can make detailed analysis on supply and demand. He can predict what is going to go and what will stay. He can also predict how certain stock options will play out in the open market, be it locally or internationally.

Thinking about having a career like Christian’s? Take a look at some of the great benefits down below.


Did you know that most economists make an average of $100,000 a year? Economists make more then a financial researcher or a market research does. If you choose this path, you will have a good financial ride. Now these figures are just the basic figures. Economists can make more, depending on where their exact role lies. It also depends on which company you work for. Some companies will offer you more. Companies base these things on your experience and skill level. Acquiring more skills and experience will ultimately serve you in the end.


This is one of the best things about being an economist, your goals and direction. Do you know what your goals are? It’s best to know this early on. The more you apply yourself in the beginning, the better offers you will get. The more schooling you have, the farther you will go. This goes for the experience too.

If you excel in this field, your career options will be limitless. You could end up having companies courting you. Now this only happens when you make it to the top. It will happen though.

You could have your choice of any company you wish to work for. They could hire you on a part-time basis or full-time. Depending on how good you are, you will get to dictate your own terms.

You can study anything from local investing to money in the government. You could even do things internationally. If this doesn’t suit you, you can try the behavioral aspect of things; either way, the pay is going to be really good.

You can choose to do things privately, which many choose to do. You can also do things on more of a public platform. The choice is yours.


Get your education first. Take things slowly. Learn from those who already have succeed professionally, people like Christian Broda. In fact, picking his brain is one of the best things you can do. If you have the option to seek him out, do so. You will not regret it.

It’s never too early to begin your education and schooling as an economist today. The sooner you get started, the more successful you will be.

Bruce Levenson is a Man of Variety

Many Passions in his Life
Bruce Levenson is a man who has many passions in his life. He has his numerous professional accomplishments along with his passion in his personal life. Mr. Levenson seems to have a full zest for life. He is a gentleman who loves adventure. He is a sports enthusiast who is an avid basketball player. He enjoys traveling the world. He plays golf and he is also a skier. He is a married man with three sons. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia is a man who stands out and is an overall extraordinary human being who does live life to the fullest.

Nonprofit Leading and Philanthropy
Bruce Levenson believes in giving back to the community in many ways. He is involved in philanthropy in several ways. He works with his wife Karen in many philanthropic endeavors. These include the following:
*philanthropy and nonprofit leadership at The University of Maryland
*the “I Have a Dream Foundation”
*Hoop of Dreams
*The Community Foundation
These are some of his philanthropy passions. This individual and his wife are fully committed to their community and society in general. He seems to have the goal appears to be to better the word in general.

A Businessman with Integrity
Bruce Levenson is an exceptional businessman. He is the Managing Partner of the Atlantic Hawks. He has been serving on the NBA Board of Governors since the year 2004. His business endeavors also include co-founding United Communications Group. He is also one of the founding shareholders of Tech Target. He has served on that board. He also founded Dot with a partner. This is a private company that has cooking technology that can actually toast bread in only three seconds. This company invented this amazing technology.

A Well Rounded Individual
Bruce Levenson in overall a well rounded individual. He is a man of many talents that seem to be never ending. He is a family man, a businessman, and a philanthropist who simply enjoys life.

The Rise of the Visual Search Engine

Search engines are plentiful, and every search provider is doing their best to provide people the most convenient way to search for anything they want. With the advent of smartphone cameras, visual and image searching has been developing by leaps and bounds. People want to know what they’re looking at, and they want to know how to get it. Visual searches are great for people want to compare products at stores or look up details about a historical monument.

Currently, there are two ways to search for an image, either by uploading an old image or by taking a picture of it. When searching with a picture, image search engines only find what’s visually similar. This means the result could have the same shape and color, but could be a completely different object. Another method engines use to search a visual detail are the metatags attached to the image. Every picture has metatags in them that detail a keyword, location or even a name. Although, this tends to be lackluster as well.

The other method, taking a picture, has improved visual search technology within the past few years. Since pictures taken with phones are brand new, they have no prior image on the internet nor do they have the appropriate metatags. So instead, smartphones upload the image to a central database where it’s scrutinized until it comes close to a match, similar to the other method. This involves matching the new picture with numerous pictures already on the net, and thus results may vary.

With this growing technology, visual search is improving everyday to be more helpful to people. Slyce, a company that’s spearheading the technology, is an example of that. Slyce aims to develop advanced image recognition technology, so that consumers are able to find what they want. Technology is all about convenience, and Slyce brings that convenience to everyone. Slyce improves the technology by having the image stream to the database where it’s recognized multiple times to provide better accuracy.

With all that in mind, visual searching is growing at an alarming rate, and people will benefit the most from it. Download some apps onto your smartphone to see how visual search can help you.

Five-Year-Old Brings Restaurant to Tears

Five-year-old Josiah Duncan was dining with his mother Ava Faulk at an Alabama Waffle House when the boy noticed a man outside pushing his bike. The man’s disheveled look caught little Josiah’s attention and he began to ask his mom questions about the man. Ava did her best to explain to her son that the man was homeless. The little boy began to ask his mother deeper questions like, where does he sleep and where does he keep his groceries? His mother said that hearing that the man was probably hungry was what bothered Josiah the most. He begged his mother to invite the man in and pay his meal.

The man accepted their invitation and insisted he just wanted a simple burger but the small family told him that he could have whatever he wanted. The man ended up ordering a burger with the works. Before the man could take a bite of his food however, the five-year-old insisted that he would say grace with the man. Josiah proceeded to sing his thanks for the food, bringing everyone in the restaurant, including the man, to tears diner witness Crystal Hunt shared.

What a sweet boy to think of the needs of others. Ava should be proud of her son and continuing doing whatever it is she is doing to raise him to be a fine young man.

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Police Officers in Massachissets Will Help Drug Addicts Instead of Arresting Them

Gloucester, Massachusetts is changing their approach to the war on drugs by offering rehabilitation treatment rather than criminalizing those who voluntarily turn themselves in to the Gloucester Police Department.

Furthermore, addicts can turnover their drugs and paraphernalia without any fear of criminal charges. Instead, police officers will offer them rehab right on the spot and treatment will start immediately. Chief Leonard Campenelloannounced the change in plans over the weekend to a warm reception for the idea. Campanello explained the decision by saying, “I’ve never arrested a tobacco addict, nor have I ever seen one turned down for help when they develop lung cancer, whether or not they have insurance. The reasons for the difference in care between a tobacco addict and an opiate addict is stigma and money. Petty reasons to lose a life.”

The program is being supported throughout the community, two local hospitals are participating by offering expedited care for those who are referred by the police department. Mark Ahn agrees that the change in policy is truly revolutionary and will hopefully give addicts new hope that the police really do care about them and will provide the help they need to get back on track.

If the new program is successful other police departments around the nation will be more likely to design similar projects in their communities in order to address the widespread problem of addiction.