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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Is A Leader In The Field Of Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman Of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System, is a specialist in joint replacement and reconstruction orthopaedics. He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Kirschenbaum is recognized for his design of major joint replacement systems, and he has lectured and published to bring awareness of orthopaedic subjects to the public.

Looking back through history one can see that, even in ancient times, peoples’ bones and joints were somehow set when broken. Orthopaedic medicine has been focused on correcting deformities of bones, muscles and joints. The history of joint replacement can be traced back to the 1890’s when hip joint replacements were offered. In England in the 1960s, the modern technique for total hip replacement was developed, and in the 1970s knee replacement procedures became popular.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum recently explained developments in joint replacement and pointed out that the average age of people wanting such surgery has decreased somewhat to an average of 65 years. This may point to obesity as a factor, as well as people wanting to stay more active as they age. Joint replacement surgeries are less risky today. People can often go home the same day. But because replacements don’t last forever and revision surgeries are often needed and more complex, great precision is required, and results are not as successful as the original replacement.

After joint replacement surgery, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is very proactive with his patients, advising them to live healthier lives and emphasizing the dangers of obesity.

More than 50% of patients requiring hip replacements are obese, and this percentage is even higher for those needing knee replacements. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum emphasizes how important it is to avoid revision surgery when possible.

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Dr. Dov Rand: A Medical Professional with Hope for the Future.

Dr. Dov Rand, MD practices physical medicine and specializes in rehabilitation. He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of medicine and has been successfully practicing medicine for twenty-four years. For the past fifteen years Dr. Dov Rand has not only founded, but continues to run the Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

Dr. Dov Rand wasn’t always a medical professional, but he’s always been an especially driven and hardworking individual. In his youth, he pursued his passion for health through refining his own fitness for tennis. Dr. Dov Rand was motivated enough to successfully accomplish his goals to achieve enough training and physical adeptness to perform at a competitive level. This dedication stayed with him throughout his other professional endeavors in his adult life (Medicaldailytimes).

Early on in his career, Dr. Dov Rand attended the prestigious Rutgers University, and then continued to obtain his medical degree from the illustrious Howard University. He continued to succeed with his completion of a full internship at the Saint Barnabas medical Center, and then finally completed his residence at the famously named Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City.

As a medical professional with a high-performance sports background —Dr. Dov Rand always had a strong interest in bodily health and proper nutrition. The only real difference between food, medicine, and poison is their application and dosage. Dr. Dov founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers to help individuals understand these concepts and live as healthily as possible as they move forward in life.

Today Dr. Dov Rand is most exited by interesting upcoming advancements in our ability to successfully recognize and test for genetic markers. He believes in a more individualized methodology when it comes to the health of their patients. Dr. Dov Rand believes that “an ounce of prevention” is worth far more than “a pound of cure”. Although many medical professionals do not tend to take this type of approach, he thinks a stronger focus on preventative medical care is definitely the most effective way to not only improve the health of patients overall but as individuals as well.

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