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Ensure Your Money With A Safe Financial Institute

NexBank assures their customers that their money is backed with $40 billion dollars in assets. You have the option of knowing that your money is safe at all times in addition, to having FDIC insurance. They’re based in Dallas, Texas with over 50+ years experience in the financial industry. They proudly focus on three core banking practices with integrated services that include commercial, investment, and industrial. However, CEO and President, John Holt, spoke at a recent Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference and mentioning that the needs of their customers will always remain a high priority. They’re also interested in expanding their general counsel.


Experience the benefits of switching your hard earned money in between accounts to pay your bills from any device including your smartphone, tablet, and pc. NexBank is one of the largest online financial institutions that allows you to have anytime access to your account. PRN Newswire announced that they have over 246,000+ online customers and growing daily. Their customers have the benefit of speaking to a live friendly professional about their account 24/7 when they need it. Customers have never have to depend on next day service to access account information.


Let NexBank show you have to save on college tuition and other expenses with a college savings programs that offers over 1,699+ programs for students and their parents to choose from. They work hard to eliminate the threat of huge student loan debt. They have partnered with New Jersey, based College Savings Bank to bring their customers this innovative banking feature. Holt, has admitted that it’s been a smooth transition for everyone involved. You’re encouraged to visit their exclusive website for more promotional offers and features that allow you to maximize your hard earned money. Become a NexBank customer today.