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Consider Skiing This Coming Winter

Getting up to do the dreaded dishes I decide to entertain my self with some radio talk. Searching around I come across “press play with Madelenie Brand.” On KCRW “How will The drought affect California ski resorts?”

Not being much of a winter sports fan I still listen in with interest as to how a one Andy Wirth predicts the future of Squaw Valley ski holdings in Olympic Valley California. The lovely Madelenie started the interview with a simple but bold question “so how was your winter?” He replied with how this past winter was a tough one. He then continued on with how this past season the Stanford meteorologist The ridiculously resilient ridge, he commented on how it sounded like something from A Monty Python movie. When you think about it, it truly does. But the ridiculously resilient ridge prevented a lot of low pressure systems coming in to the mountain, causing the taxing season but still making it through pretty well.

Mr.Wirth claims that the sky resort could survive with winter seasons continuing as such. He says he wasn’t as profitable as it could’ve been but still profitable. Madelenie ask if things continue to go down hill would he offer different recreational activities, Mr.Wirth told her that he has 6,000 acres even with just 4,000 people would still have a good time. He ran sure that there is still quite a bit of skiing and reiterated quite a bit of skiing to be had. I smiled as he described how science has gotten good at creating snow and how he’s become reading good at managing the snow. Hes not only looking into the future season but for years to come and in that He hopes to invest into snow making and to make other adjustment in the business. I had to admire Mr.Wirth’s dedication to keeping the skiing fun alive.

Andy Wirth has to be the classic good hearted big thinker CEO good guy we see in movies.

Having received multiple community service and professional Awards, including being recognized as citizen of the year by disabled sports USA and a Community five award. He has worked or 25 years in the mountain resort and hotel industry before becoming CEO of Squaw Valley ski holdings.