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Can The Atlanta Hawks Show Up This Year?

Because of the impressive record of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team in the NBA this year, this has been a good year for the city. With an impressive showing that placed them as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, they ran wild on the rest of the league last year with an impressive 40-8 start. They close out the season with a respectable record of 60 – 22, and along the way they managed to rack up a remarkable 19 game winning streak. But the question among the Hawks faithful is: can they do it again this year?

Many basketball experts, while impressed with the showing of the Hawks, don’t believe that they can do the same thing this year. Even though the resurgence of the Hawks left many dumbfounded, all signs point to the departure of DeMarre Carroll as one of the main reasons why the Hawks will struggle this year. With no viable replacement on the immediate horizon, the Hawks look to be much weaker going into the new season. After an incredible season marked with tremendous growth, the Hawks may very well find themselves at the bottom looking up this season.

A few basketball aficionados would argue that the departure of Carroll has nothing to do with the decline of the Hawks this year. Many believe that the slump actually started last year, in the last quarter of the season. The team literally collapsed after having a tremendous first half of the season. Down the stretch, the Hawks went 11-10 over the last 21 games of the season. After an impressive start, they barely finished the season playing .500 basketball.

But even with the poor showing at the end of the season, Hawks fans have plenty to be excited about. After the rousing start of the season, they know that they have a time of potential still on the floor. There have been a few shakeups in the front office as well. The Hawks team owner, Bruce Levenson announced that he would be pursuing other interests after this year.

Levinson, the driving force behind the Hawks and their success has always done his best to put a winning team on the floor for the city of Atlanta. Winning is in his DNA. He has been at the forefront of many successful business ventures, including a position as one of the founding partners of United Communications Group, which he helped to launch in 1977. UCG specializes in information and analysis for various industries, including technology, energy, mortgage banking and other fields.

Over the years, Levenson has brought a winning pedigree to various projects and business ventures, as well as in his role as the Atlanta Hawks owner. Levinson with his take no prisoners attitude and winning mindset has helped bring the Atlanta Hawks to a new level of performance and respectability in the NBA. The question is, can the improvements and magic continue in Atlanta?