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Police Cams Show Good Deeds, Too

Many police departments around the United States are being outfitted with individual cameras that clip to an officer’s uniform. These cameras are being implemented among the numerous reports of police brutality and supposed unarmed shootings that are occurring around the nation. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso,  many did not consider about these cameras, are that not only will they capture the possible questionable actions a police officer may have but also their heroic ones as seen on

USA Today has a story today about an officer from Griffin, Georgia, whose heroic rescue was caught on his body camera. Sgt Joe Hudson, a 14-year veteran with the department, was captured on his camera approaching a house fire. He arrived before the fire department and spoke to the woman escaping the house. That is when Sgt Hudson found out that her 3-year-old grandson was still trapped inside. Sgt Hudson ran into the blazing home, covering his face with clothing he found nearby. He found the boy uninjured, hiding in his room. Sgt Hudson and the boy escaped the fire safely.

Despite being called a hero, Sgt Hudson insists that he was just doing his job. The department was outfitted with cameras thanks to Waffle House’s donations after an officer was shot and killed in their parking lot.

A Little Girl Saves a Dying Kitten

The world stops for no one, or so they say. The hustle and bustle of daily life keeps many people from taking the time to notice the suffering going on around them, or even the joy. A kitten was dying in a trash can in Istanbul. The tiny little animal cried constantly, and no one would stop to help it. Maybe the people were too busy, or maybe they just didn’t care. A little girl just happened to walk by and see it though, and she saved it’s life.

No one knows the name of the little girl, but she named the cat Gueluemser meaning “she who always smiles”. A fitting name for an animal who is loved as much as this one is. Gueluemser probably would not have made it if the little girl hadn’t found her that day. The kitten had maggots in wounds on it’s face, an ear missing, and it was very sick. The little girl’s father is a doctor. When she found the cat, she rushed it to him. Zeca Oliveira agrees that the compassion of this child who is so young is remarkable. She is a reminder that though we all get busy, we still need to make time to help even the smallest creatures around us.

Undercover Philanthropist Fixes A Stranger’s Smile

Fred Boettcher is not your average philanthropist. Rather than donating to large charities, which he may also do, he chooses to randomly select people in need and financially assist them. According to AnastasiaDate, his latest grand gift was given at a restaurant in Witchita, Kansas to the waiter that served his meal. Brian Maixner suffered from severe dental decay which is both painful and unattractive. Thanks to a $25k tip given by Boettcher the single father has gotten dentures and will, later this year, get permanent dental implants. Boettcher is thrilled to be able to assist others in a way that would seem impossible to most people in the world. He feels blessed to have had a privileged upbringing and to have never wanted for anything. Boettcher is an undercover do-gooder, he does not like to draw attention to himself, especially when giving a gift. The generous man has helped up to ten other unsuspecting people and will, most likely, continue to do so.

D.C.’s Cat Cafe Raises Over $12,000 in One Day

It’s no secret that people love cat’s. Ever since the launch of the internet, and definitely since viral videos became a thing, it has been incredibly clear that there is almost nothing people love more. Just like the Egyptians, who revered cats as Gods, many modern day pet owners go the extra mile when it comes to their pets, especially cats. People take their pets to massage therapists, have birthday parties, and buy expensive jewelry for their pets, so it’s no wonder that cat cafe’s have become an emerging trend.

Crumbs and Whiskers, DC’s first cat cafe launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised $12,000 of their $15,000 goal in one day. Cat cafe’s are a trend that started in Tiwian and quickly spread to Japan and other parts of Asia. Instead of being a place where cats get pampered and are given a fancy meal, they are normal coffee or tea shops with lots of cats, where people can play with cats. For many people who love cats but can’t have them it’s a fun way to spend a few hours with cats.

The people behind the Washington DC based Crumb’s and Whisker’s also hope that it will help provide a solution to the overcrowding of pet shelters and help encourage people to adopt cats. Jason Halpern agrees that cat cafes are much more positive and uplifting places to visit than most pet shelters and they are also more positive environments for the cats.

Pregnant Women in India are Malnourished and Underweight

If you only had a little food to prepare for your family, how would the food be portioned out? In India, a woman feeds her husband, children and other adults in the household first. She eats whatever is leftover. Sometimes, there is no food leftover and she eats nothing. She is most likely pregnant too.

This is the plight of women in India – pregnant, malnourished and underweight. The results are babies being born who are either stillborn or don’t survive to see their first birthday. In a country that appears to have enough wealth and education to support those who live in it, young newly wed women are barely surviving.
Young, newly wed women are brought into the family household of the new husband. There she is the lowest member of the family hierarchy and is expected to cook, clean and otherwise care for all the family members of the household. And she often must do it while pregnant and hungry.
Add anemia caused by parasite infestation to the hunger and pregnancy and you have a recipe for death of the baby and possibly the mother too says Dan Newlin. Unsanitary conditions due to improper disposal of sewage make sewage-borne infections and parasite infestations common in the poor areas of the country.

Staples to Acquire Office Depot

According to my friend Alexei Beltyukov, Staples recently announced on its acquisition of rival office supply chain, Office Depot. Acquisition discussions began between the two competitors this past December.

The final agreement has Staples paying Office Depot shareholders $7.25 in cash and about .2 shares of Staples stock for each share of Office Depot stock. Office

Staples claims that a number of synergies will be created by this agreement. Such efficiencies include reducing duplicative costs, sharing industry knowledge, and merging strategic initiatives.

In recent years, office supply orders have increasingly shifted to the online marketplace. This move is likely designed to help consolidate the traditional brick and mortar chains to better compete against their online rivals.

Some have questioned the impact this will have on overall competition in the office supply sector – particularly when it comes to corporate sales. There is a concern that this consolidation will lead to market inefficiencies.

A few years ago, there were three major office supply chains. Should this agreement be approved by the FTC, there will only be one. While retailers like Wal-Mart and Target compete in the consumer market, the corporate market is less saturated.

In the 1990’s, the FTC rejected a previous bid by Staples to acquire Office Depot. Nonetheless, the online market was not as competitive as it is now.

If approved, the new company is expected to generate $39 billion in annual sales.

Bruce Levenson: Hand in Hand with Technology

Upon birth, Bruce Levenson probably expounded an idea for some technological business venture. The entrepreneur and philanthropist, along with whatever falls in between, is someone whose legacy is written in permanent ink. He turns technology into success.

While living in Washington D.C. in the 1970’s, after a stint in journalism, Levenson began to explore the world of technology. It began when he and a journalist friend launched United Communications Group. (UCG) In a store room above his father’s liquor store, the two of them laid the groundwork for Oil Express, UCG’s first newsletter. It chronicled the booming oil industry.

Then, along with the Oil Express, they began to publish a variety of other newsletters. These concentrated on technology, banking, healthcare and other venues. From that store room, UCG grew into a privately held corporation with national influence.

Moreover, through UCG, Levenson and his partner co-founded the publically traded TechTarget that also devotes itself to the field of technology.

In addition, Levenson stepped into the arena of sports. He and a group of other business persons formed Atlanta Hawks LLC and purchased the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team.

Dormant not being in his vocabulary, Levenson became an adviser for BIA Digital Partners, which is a private equity firm. He also expanded his area of responsibility by becoming a member of the Board of Directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

In 1997, as a well deserved reward for years of dedication to the fledgling industry of technology, the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame inducted him into their chamber of honor.

As is the case for many whose hard work and dedication in a specific industry blesses them, Levenson shares his rewards. In conjunction with other foundations, he’s an integral part of the I Have a Dream Foundation, the Hoops Dream Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

He and his wife Karen have three sons.

BRL Trust: One of the Most Trusted Companies In the Industry

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust grew quickly. At that time their activities provided trust services in private loans. At the end of their first year, the company had more than loans in which the Trust acted as an intervening trust. Their customers quickly learned to trust the new company and were soon demanding that the Trust expand and diversify. These demands soon led to new business areas such as Administrative Management of investment funds as well as mergers and acquisitions.

The group has gained this trust by staying focused on their mission and values statements. They define their mission as meeting the demands of their customers in a safe and efficient manner while maintaining transparency with a skilled and experienced team. Further, they state that their main differential processes and controls be unique and internally developed from knowledge acquired from its performance sector. As far as values they state that ethics in all situations must be addressed respecting national legal systems and the interest of clients as more important than their personal gain. They further believe that determination and discipline is a valuable characteristic of their team members.

Newsgroups including the LA Times, GeoPlay International and Dragon Capital are all very taken with the group who now works with clients globally. The trust does so while maintaining strict adherence to skillfully finding unique solutions that remain legal to the various nations served. Other benefits include a belief that all customers are unique. That relationship-building is vital to their success. The trust feels that all activities must be monitored and authorized by a securities commission to make sure that all legalities are addressed. They even have the policy to help stop money laundering. It’s these qualities that have set BRL apart from other trusts, making them one of the largest and most trusted companies in their industry.



Chinese Father and Son Reunited After 24 years

Sun Bin’s parents have spent the last 24 years wondering about their son. Was he okay? Is he happy, healthy, still alive? That’s because in 1991 4 year old Sun Bin was abducted from a vegetable market in his home town of Sichuan province. His parents had no idea that he was taken and sold to a family thousands of miles way in the Jiangsu province. According to the story on it is common that young boys are abducted and sold in China since boys are prized and can be sold for more money.

Sun Bin and his father were reunited at a Chengdu police station earlier this week after a DNA test proved to be a match. Unfortunately Sun Bin’s mother passed away in 2011 but she never forgot him. The elder Sun said she died saying his name and wished for him to be found.

How heartbreaking. Losing your child for so long, not knowing what happened. It is a shame that Sun Bin’s mother did not live to see her son return. I cannot imagine what other parents in China must feel like losing their children to traffickers. Rod Rohrich is happy to see this family reunite, he mentions this in this article on

How Do Biotech Startups Succeed? Mark Ahn Explains.

Mark Ahn & the secret to biotech industry success

PR Newswire first published this account of a conversation with Dr. Mark Ahn at Pukana Partners on biotech startups. Dr. Ahn has done a great deal of work on the biotech startup field, and he has advice for anyone who wants to dive into that arena.

Get Your Own Business Plan

The business plan for a biotech startup is different than the business plan for any other company. These companies has to wait months or even years to get certain products ready to sell, and they need to be flexible in the ways that they will make money.

Agree On The Plan

Many management teams and boards of directors have a hard time agreeing on the plan that must be used to propel the business forward. This is an issue for anyone who wants to have a successful business, and arguing needs to be kept to a minimum.

He knows how the startups work in this industry, and he has done the research that shows that these businesses only succeed under parameters he has studied.

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