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GPB Global Resources Helped Ethiopia Gain World Record

GPB Global Resources works in developing countries in South America and Africa. The company also has offices in Europe, USA and Russia. However, they are dedicated to oil and gas exploration and help developing coutries take advantage of this resource.

Unlike other companies in the oil and gas field GPB resources also takes part in projects that help develop a country or better the lives of communities. They work at helping areas find potable water, expand communications, build roads and more.

Just recently, the staff at GPB Global Resources in Ethiopia took part in a nationwide effort to reduce the effects of carbon emissions on the world. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia planned a special day to help reforest the nation and plant 350 million trees. On July 29th, the event took place and today, Ethiopia holds the worlds record for the largest number of trees planted in a single day.

The project was well thought out and a whole advertising campaign was implemented asking for help from communities and businesses throughout the country. The project was supported by the United Nations and other non-profit organizations. Because GPB has both cultural and business interests in Ethiopia and is a company who helps the communities in which it resides, decided to donate 1,000 seedling trees and the man-power to help plant as many trees as possible. The entire day was set aside for the event and thanks to everyone’s efforts, the nation was able to plant a whopping 350 million trees.

Why Make So Much Effort?

Recent studies presented by Professor Thomas Crowther show that the world needs an additional 1.6 hectares of trees to be able to mitigate two thirds of the world’s current CO2 emissions. However, the study also mentioned that the need to plant trees is critical, as only mature trees can process large amounts of CO2, and it takes decades for trees to mature.

GPB Global Resources Asked to Participate

When GPB Global Resources was asked to participate, Boris Ivanov did not hesitate. He says Ethiopia and Russia (his native country) have had a working relationship for more than 120 years. It is important that GPB help in the effort to reduce global warming issues and this is a perfect example of how we can help.