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Cotemar Provides A Luxury Experience For Oil Workers

Cotemar is a Mexican company that provides essential services for offshore oil rigs. The company includes servicing a repair of platforms, construction of various storage facilities, catering and other services.

The company has been in operation since 1979 and employs up to 10,000 employees at any given time. Their primary client is Petroleos Mexicanos and they have been partnered for over 38 years. The company is rapidly expanding alongside with the demand for oil, making it as one of the most relevant petroleum industry service company in the world.

Cotemar is one of the Mexican companies that outshines the others in a world that demands more equal treatment and benefits for workers. The company is deeply invested in provided education and developing specified technical skills for their employees. Families also receive benefits, vacation time and constant communication with their loved ones employed with the company.

The construction and maintenance wing of Cotemar is probably the most important. They use semi-submersible boats to thoroughly service oil rigs. They have a track record of constructing new installations within a timely manner while also respecting local environment laws.

The company has specialized and maritime support vessels that serve a myriad of functions. They have cargo vessels for transporting employees and construction material to designated platforms. Ships are also used or transporting extracted oil from the platforms. Firefighting vessels are on standby in the event of fires on the platforms.

The well being of the hardworking roughnecks are a priority for Cotemar. The company provides catering and accommodation for workers during their downtime. Each one of their cabins stores up to 4 and is very reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Recreational areas included gymnasiums, TV rooms and basket ball courts. Food is prepared at a high standard with both taste and safety in mind.