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The Trabuco Is One Impressive Historical Machine

The medieval world is one that still holds a great deal of fascination for people today. Both historians and those who simply love history find this world one that still calls to people. They also find it one that has much to teach modern people today about how to engage in useful self defense.

During this period of time, there was often a great deal of conflict. City states and nations disagreed over many issues including religion, population growth and the proper way to farm the land and feed the people most efficiently. One of the many items that was used back then to help defend varied territories is an item that is known as the trabuco. The trabuco was used for many activities.


Primary Purpose

While this machine was used for many things, it also had a primary purpose. That purpose was largely to help shock and awe the enemy. Masonry walls were a common form of defense back during this time period. This machine was often used to demolish such walls and create a space where it was possible for an invading army to sneak through this form of fortification according to The machine could also be used to hurl varied types of projectiles over the wall such as stones, making it possible for a leader and an armed force of men to begin the process of warfare even before they began to invade by scaring all those behind the walls.

In Wide Use

The trabuco was in wide use in societies that were centered around the Mediterranean Sea. This an an area of well established history with many ancient societies that are still in existence today as well. The machine was used in societies that were often trade partners. Trade was common in this part of the world. Many local societies often traded items such as salt, wine and other goods from one part of the sea to the next. The use of this weapon helped in many ways according to It allowed communities to expand into new markets around the area and begin to form the basis for modern societies.

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