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History, Goal, and Charities of Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is a global leader of mainstream online payment processing. They’ve gone through a dramatic expansion since 2006, but their CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja has made sure their values have never changed. Allied Wallet connects buyers and sellers in a secure space. For years, they have always shown the global business community the same dedication as their customers and clients.

Allied Wallet is known for its innovations of the e-commerce field. They continuously introduce innovative payment processing solutions. This enables online merchants to globally receive and send payments easily. No matter your business size the state-of-the-art PCI complaint merchant will work for you. Its CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja accepted the “Finacial Technology CEO of the Year” award from Corporate Vision and was featured on the cover of their newest magazine.

Allied Wallet has always strived to keep their employees comfortable and the work environment fun. By doing this it ensures that their team of experts can provide the best possible service to their clients. CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja has always said that happy customers stem from happy employees. Their team of experts functions like a family and their culture promotes success through happiness and loyalty.

Allied Wallet has always been known for its philanthropy. Their responsibility does not end with their work. They have partnered with many well-known organizations that focus on serving children, animals, humanitarian relief, and police officers. The United Service Organizations have stood by troops and their families since 1941. Throug the Wounded Warrior Project, Allied helps empower veterans that have sustained physical or mental trauma in action. The Eagle and Badge Foundation has delivered scholarships and benefits to LAPD officers and their families since 2001. In order to promote children’s success and keep them safe, After-School All-Stars provides after school programs.

Allied Wallet contributes to further their goals. The Brent Shapiro Foundation assists and supports people battling alcohol and drug dependence. The ASACP works to protect children from exploitation. Action Innocence is a nonprofit that works to preserve the dignity and integrity of children online. Allied Wallet proudly supports their investments in online security. There are many other organizations being supported by them.

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Make a Wikipedia Page that Will Get Your Business Noticed

Anyone venturing into any business should think of innovative ways to make their brand known and popular among potential clientele. This can be achieved very easily by tapping into the large numbers of people that visit sites online or simply search for business that deal in the products they want. Wikipedia business page creation is a great option for any business person who desires to make an entrance into the online sphere. A little information on creation of Wikipedia pages is useful before deciding on how to go about this venture. 

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