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Phenomenal places to visit in Panama

Panama is a wonderful place to visit for Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Its beaches are among the largest in the world as it is mostly surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. There are also rainforests and mountains among other exciting features. These are 10 places you should not miss when visiting Panama.

• El Valle de Anton
A town on the crater of an extinct volcano is a place you should visit. Due to its altitude, it is probably the coolest place in Panama.

• Pearl Islands
They are about 100 Islands surrounded by beaches and forests. There are several resorts and an airstrip in one of them making the place more accessible.

• Baru Volcano
This is a fantastic place on for those who enjoy hiking. There is also a spectacular view of the land below when you are at the top. There are also some hot springs nearby.

• Gulf of Chiriqui
Swimmers in this area can enjoy the beautiful view of coral reefs. From here, one can also dive, surf and fish.

• Boquete
It is also known as the valley of the flower. There are many activities that one can take part in. This provides an awesome view of the extensive ranges towards Costa Rica.

• Santa Catalina
The inhabitants of this are mostly practice fishing. It is also perfect for surfing. If these are your interests, you should visit Santa Catalina.

• San Blas Islands
These Islands have maintained their culture and are unaffected by modernization on Tumblr. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment.

• Bocas del Toro
For the adventurous people, this is the place to be. From the city of Bocas del Toro, one can see and appreciate Caribbean architecture.

• Panama City
Part of it is characterized by old buildings in old town and stone streets. In the outskirts of the city is a rain forest. This sets it apart from other cities in the world at

• Panama Canal
It is among the world’s wonders. It is also an essential source of revenue to the government as it is an important waterway.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan businessman who moved to Panama. He is a reputable businessman in Panama. In addition to business, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is also committed to being an agent of change in society. His efforts are mostly towards mentoring the youth to become good in business and leadership. In Panama, he holds several executive positions in five companies.