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Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium, Ltd Have become the Face of Property Investment

Graham Edwards is the Executive Chairman of Telereal Trillium, Ltd. The company, a commercial investment and property management company, maintains its headquarters in Central London. The shares, classified as ordinary, of the company are held by the firm of William Pears Group EBT and B Pears Trust. The company was formed in 1997 in order to acquire 16,000,000 square feet of property for the Department for Work and Pensions. Edwards was appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telereal in 2001.

Edwards educational background includes graduating from King’s College London and the University of Cambridge. Before taking on challenges with Telereal Trillium, he was the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) at Talisman Global Asset Management, as well as taking on roles with BT Group Plc’s Property Department and Merrill Lynch (

In 2009, Edwards recognized Trillium as a formidable partner and initiated the transaction that to the acquisition of Trillium from Land Securities Group. Telereal Trillium was the result of the acquisition and established the newly developed company as leader in property investment and outsourcing. The acquisition also gave the newly formed company as they now had a great deal of pooled resources to work with. The company established new goals and with more than enough assets on hand, they realized the goals were within reach. Even though the new entity had a large amount of equity available Edwards proceeded with conservative caution and discovered that was indeed the appropriate course to chart as the new company began to move forward.

Before committing equity and assets to a project, Edwards always makes sure the investment is a good fit. If a deal does not happen it always turns out to be the right thing to do. As the operations of the two companies were being integrated, the task was made easier by the expertise on both sides of the table. Edwards was able to draw from all aspects of his business experience to balance company management as the two companies became one (Weeklyopinion). The merging of the two companies was seamless as a team dedicated to putting the two together was put in place. The focus was to keep clients happy and maintaining the level of confidence they had with clients.