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Patty Rocklage, The Best Family and Marriage Therapist in Massachusetts.

Patty Rocklage is an experienced and dedicated marriage and family therapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Patty has been in the counseling and therapy field for close to twenty years. During this time, she has helped families,couples and individuals to overcome the difficult life challenges and struggles faced in society today. Patty Rocklage uses her warm communication skills to offer therapeutic services to her clients who undergo various struggles of life.

Patty Rocklage’s Education and Work Background

In 1981,Patty graduated from USC(University of Southern California) with a Psychology degree. Apart from therapy and counseling, Patty Rocklage has other valuable skills that she has gained over the years such as public speaking, teaching, coaching, community outreach and team building. Patty uses all these valuable skills to assist her to improve the lives of her clients as they confront their issues. Patty is a member of the Sudanese Education Fund which focuses on ensuring that South Sudanese in Massachusetts are assured of stability in education, employment and financial security.

Patty and Scott Rocklage Donation to MIT

Patty is a loving and dedicated wife to Scott Rocklage. In 2016,the couple donated money for the renovation at MIT for the Chemistry Lab. Scott Rocklage holds a Ph.D from MIT where he acquired a strong foundation in Chemistry. The donation from the Rocklages was to assist MIT to renovate the lab space in the nanochemistry and nanotechnology departments. The MIT team as a result appreciated the charitable gesture of the couple by the display of a plaque in the new refurbished laboratories. The Rocklage’s generous contribution shows that they value education because it help makes the world a better place. Click here to know more.

Rocklage Home Renovations

For a long time, Patty and Scott wanted their home to be renovated. They settled for Ed Freedlender who was an expert at home renovations and Sudbury Company which saves on energy resources. The couple wanted to change the setup of their kitchen as well as the door entrance used by visitors.

Ed Freedlender came up with fantastic ideas of renovating the facade and kitchen area. Ed remodeled the kitchen area and constructed a farmer’s porch. As a result, the renovation project was a successful and the couple were stunned by the outcome of Ed’s high quality work. The Rocklage home renovation project is featured as a case study on the web page of Sudbury Construction Company.