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Brian Bonar: A Tried-and-Tested Leader

Dr. Brian Bonar is a well-known leader in the financial and tech industries, currently working as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC). At ITEC, a company that specializes in color management software and digital imaging hardware, Bonar is doing extremely well, having attained a wealth of education and experience before taking on this role.

After graduating from the University of Strathclyde with an undergraduate degree, Bonar proceeded to further his education by receiving both an MBA as well as a doctorate from Staffordshire University. Enriched with a great educational background, Dr. Bonar led many companies to his current role at ITEC.

Bonar worked for many years at Trucept before assuming his current role at ITEC. He has served multiple roles at Trucept, which is a company that accomplishes many tasks for small to medium-sized clients.

Not only does Trucept assist in creating and managing payrolls but also manages employee benefits and human resource administration roles so that the clients can focus on what matters without having to sweat the small stuff.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has held several roles at Trucept including Treasurer, CFO, CEO, Company Secretary and Director. Previously, he also worked in the Marketing and Sales sector of Rastek Corporation, Director of Engineering for QMS, Adaptec Inc., and other executive roles at Dalrada Financial Corporation. The culmination of his experience and knowledge in risk, financial and business management has earned the Scottish entrepreneur a lot of respect in the industry.

ITEC is headquartered in San Diego, California and has been in business since 1982. The reputable company is known for its award-winning ColorBlind(C) software; this is comprised of a variety of applications that help all users, beginners to professionals, to create great images consistently every time. Bonar, known for his leadership abilities and business acumen, has plans in place to leverage this strength through marketing and promotional management.

In addition to his role at ITEC, Bonar has also recently opened a new venture, a restaurant—Bellamy’s. Having opened just a few months ago, Bellamy’s has gained much critical acclaim due to the quality and flavor of the food as well as due to Ponsaty. A master, gourmet chef hailing from France, Ponsaty has given Bellamy’s a great reputation along with the fellow executive chef, Mike Reidy. Bonar’s restaurant is still largely unfinished as he plans to turn much of the land near the current restaurant into an event hall with a signature restaurant.

However, Bellamy’s, housed in a temporary makeshift building with understated decor, is still doing extremely well under the direction of Brian Bonar; many critics have gone ahead and called it one of the best restaurants in San Diego thanks to the talent, insight, and leadership of Dr. Brian Bonar.