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Juan “OG” Perez: What’s A $100k Birthday Tab Between Friends?

50th birthdays are a big deal, whether you’re an average guy or one of the creative minds behind Roc Nation, the business empire of Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez. Friends for decades and partners, Jay Z spared no expense when it came to celebrating Perez’ big Five-Oh.

In business together for two decades, the two men have built Roc Nation into a veritable juggernaut in music industry, and branched out into the sports industry in 2013, bridging entertainment and professional sports in a way that caters to individual players that larger firms cannot match – a personal touch, solid advice, and stellar business acumen.

Accompanied by close friends and Perez’s wife Desiree, the two men moved from nightspot to nightspot – a Modern Japanese restaurant Zuma, a trendy nightclub, and a trendier, more exclusive nightspot – spending thousands of dollars on dinners and drinks. It was the third and final stop that really took the cake, though, where the birthday party spent over 90 thousand dollars on champagne; forty bottles that found their way to not only Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez’ birthday bash, but other tables and patrons not intimately associated with the small group.

As Perez and his wife are longtime partners and friends of Jay Z, spending that much on a birthday party isn’t too radical when you think about it. Considering the profitability and reputation of Roc Nation as a brand and business empire, dropping 100 thousand dollars to celebrate friend’s special day is just an extension of Juan and Jay’s strategy when it comes to their business model: quality is better than quality and always treat your friends like family.

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