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Re/Max Will Soon Expand Further into NYC

Re/Max is one of the largest real estate leasing and brokerage firms in the country. While the company has a footprint that includes thousands or office, agents, and brokers located across the world, the company has strategically avoided some markets in the country. One of the markets that the company has not invested much time or effort in is the New York City real estate market.

While the New York City real estate market is very dynamic and has always been strong, it is also very competitive and can be tough to operate in. While Re/Max has avoided the market in the past, they appear ready to expand further into the city. Re/Max has recently stated that they intend on opening several new offices across the city and are likely to hire hundreds of new and experienced agents and brokers to get the business up and running effectively.

Once Re/Max does decide to further enter the New York real estate market, they will find that there are plenty of new competitors out there that are not in other markets across the country. One of the toughest competitors that they will face is the boutique real estate firm, Town Residential. Town Residential was formed less than ten years ago, but is already considered one of the top firms in the city.

Town Residential provides a number of different services to its clients. The primary services provided include sales, leasing, and brokerage services for a range of clients including individual buyers up to owners of large condo developments. The company is also well regarded for its insight into the New York real estate market as they regularly put out a newsletter detailing current news in the city. Many real estate professionals read this newsletter on a regular basis and use it when making decisions about important business decisions.