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Mother and Baby Surviving Five Days in Jungle is Called a Miracle

Miracles happen every day, that’s why it is so wonderful when one is documented and released to the world.

On Wednesday, June 25th, the Columbian Air Force rescued 18 year-old Maria Nelly Murillo Moreno and her baby son Judier from a wreck that occurred five days before. The wreck involved a Cessna 303 that was also carrying fish and coconuts to the town of Quibdó in Argentina. The small plane lost all communication 20 minutes after take-off and never responded to calls from the civil aviation authorities.

Almost immediately, a plane was sent out to scour the dense forest that the Cessna was flying over, but they came back with no report. James Dondero suggested to insidermonkey that it wasn’t until Monday that a helicopter sighted a white dot among the tropical jungle’s foliage, and with planes dispatched to investigate, they found the Cessna 303.

Unfortunately, the pilot was found dead still in his seat at the wreckage site, but the passenger door was open and all hopes were that the young mother and her baby had found safety. Three days later, on Wednesday, the Colombian Air Force found the two young passengers 500m from the wreck in the province of Chocó.

Judier suffered minor burns from the crash, and Maria had minor injuries, but they had survived in the dense jungle alone for five nights. Maria told that two indigenous people helped them, and they ate the cargo that had been left at the plane for food and hydration.