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Keith Mann Teams Up With The Uncommon School Program To Offer $5,000 Scholarship

Recently Keith Mann, along with the assistance of his wife Keely Mann, have decided to start a scholarship aimed at helping kids from low income families afford to go to college. The scholarship consist of $5,000 to help in paying for a student’s tuition. The deadline for the scholarship is Feb. 29, 2016, and is to be accompanied by a 1,000 word essay that focuses on why the student believes the scholarship would help benefit their quest to attend college and obtain a degree.
Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur who located in New York and is the founder and director of his company, Dynamics Search Partners or DSP for short. DSP is a company that deals specifically with the hedge fund and private equity industries. Back in 2002 when the company was first formed, Keith Mann noticed that there was a lack of research being done by firms within the hedge fund industry. Researching companies before one invests in them is essential in making wise investments. Mann noticing this void in the industry easily capitalized by creating a investment research firm that helps actual investment firms make wise investments through the use of the diligent research conducted by Mann and his team.

Through Mann’s experience in the investing field, he has since then become quite wealthy and is able to contribute to philanthropists work in which he is passionate about. One being the development of young adults into productive citizens through the use of education. It is people like Mann and his wife that allow young kids dreams to come true, in which they otherwise would have not been able to afford such a dream.

Mann has decided to partner up with the Uncommon School Program which is all throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. The programs includes over 14,000 kids ranging from kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade. The program is in place to help young high school seniors from low income families attend college, and prepare them for the tremendous amount of work that must be completed to obtain a college degree.