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Reviewing The Achievements and Growth Strategies of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one among leading online advertising agencies based in the U.S. that has managed to work with companies like Google. The company has achieved a lot in the five years since it was founded and is on a path of growth and expansion that will see future customers get even better services.


At inception, White Shark Media focused on small and middle level businesses, but today their useful marketing strategies attract even the most established brands. Getting through competition in the AdWords industry was not an easy task and they had to spend their first two years working on streamlining their infrastructure.


Premier Google SMB Partner

In 2012, just one year after inception, White Shark Media received an invitation from Google to join the Premier SMB Partner program, which targets advertising agencies that have the capacity to provide high level marketing through the AdWords system. Growing to become one of the SMB partners of Google was one of their biggest achievements and this shift offered the company leverage against many other challenges present in the market.


White Shark Media works with highly experienced professionals, who deliver unique results to the marketing campaign that allows for easy delivery of services to clients across the U.S. With this commitment, the company has been recording an upward shift in its growth and is looking to scale up its service delivery to accommodate the ever increasing demand for their products.


Bing Reseller

Besides working with Google through the Premier SMB system, White Shark Media also worked with Bing through their reseller program. The company has created trust among different stakeholders and in this effort it has managed to create a base on which investors can measure the suitability of working with them. It’s growth pattern is a sure encouragement for one to invest with them.